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lol.. it's been so long since I've last posted, that this updated posting.. thing is new and weird D:! ah well, it's not that bad xDD

Anyhoo! I've listened to the music and woo! Who woulda thought Kanjani8 would continue to surprise me XD I have nothing new to add to the discussion of music as I suck. I'm no music buff and almost all the lyrics I cannot understand. However feel free to read my thoughts and then laugh in the comments at my plebeian feelings on each song! \:D/!

Spoilers will be prevalent after the cut~

Takoyaki in my Heart:

This song. XDD I've always wondered when we would get another Osaka song!! I thought maybe their 10th since it didn't happen during their 8th. Technically it still hasn't as the song title doesn't have Osaka in the name. XDa but I'll take what I can get. In any case, all the Osaka~'s and the individual parts with their colors intermixed XDD I've got to tell you though when I first heard it, Ryo's part had me laughing. All the girl screams! FOR FOOD!! X'D But it leading into Subaru's 80% bleeped out part... wtf rofl. Well, I like it lol

レスキューレスキュー(Rescue Rescue):

Love the opening. Reminds me of my middle school-early high school years when young punk rock was ~the thing~. Not saying this is punk but the sound reminds me of it XDa The music I'm just really digging. All the English XDa This song I reaaaally hope they play band during the tour. ugh, I really like this song! 「Call my name dokomademo ikuyo」~~ Really like it.

Sorry Sorry love:

..lol I'm a fan of dance/house music. This may have too much autotune but lol I like it XDD It's mainstream Jennifer Lopez Waiting for Tonight kind of thing. I dunno. Feel like I should be on a dance floor with a see-through plastic cup full of kool-aid. Take of that what you will. A favorite.
Also, I wonder if it's Maru at the very end, so woeful :Da sorry my love...

へそ曲がり (Hesomagari):

I have tried to like this song. Yet every time I hear the opening I can't get into it D: I don't hate it and I think they have worse songs.. it's definitely a Kanjani8 song! I just don't feel it XD; I even skip through their performances of this song? As I type this though, I've listened through it in it's entirety three times. So I don't hate it. Not a fan though.

青春ノスタルジー(Seishun Nostalgie):

First of all, I know it's read as "Nostalgie" but what word is that??(Just learned this is French, and once again, I prove the "Stupid American" right XD;;) Secondly, what is with this half hearted R&B/slow jam?? X'D I'm waiting for the bridge where the one with the deepest talking voice starts going, "Girl.. you were my one and only.. then you went and left bread crumbs in my tub of margarine.. I miss you girl" --OMG THERE IT IS LOL only it's singing and at the end.. lol as much crap I'm talking I actually like this song. I like the way they sing it and the music is nice. I bet this song was Ryo's choice. I will never not smile though; "BABY I MISS YOU GIIIIIIIRL \D:/!!!"

涙の答え(Namida no Kotae):

I like this song. Sometimes(all the time) they tend to overproduce the ballad singles. This one just barely makes it for me. I like the song though it's kind of slow :/a I like Maru's part XD it's dopy in a good way.


I like this song D: Twilight train~~ Yeah I dunno. I guess I like train songs lol The opening music then the lead into the chorus I enjoy. The way they've been singing the songs have been fun for me. The ups and downs they've been doing. I wonder if they'll do this song for band! :Da?? they're getting so many band songs it's crazy. This definitely sounds like a band song though. They've done two band sessions before though? We'll see!!


..oh! interesting!! oh it changed! lol Nice lead in Yasu~ need to work on your lungs though. He always sounds like he's running out of breath :( Bo-ku no ko-ko-ro wa~ lol are they saying something or is tarirarira just a make of lalala's? XDa I like this song too~~ encore song!! XDD I'm going to feel bad if I'm right and I've somehow spoiled the tour for Teyshine lol I will for real though :|
Sounds real Summer-like, and it's weird considering it's Fall now XD oh, I heard "natsu" XD;; it's a summer song.

Dear Summer様!!:

annnd then here's an actual song with Summer in it! and I love it lol very beach! The music and speed definitely makes me think of summer and the beach, sand. Hearing Okura's lower tone during some of it adds a nice warmth. This will be fun in concert~~ I wish I was going! lol all the "sama" word plays. but XDD that siren horn thing? I keep expecting to hear, "Jason Deruloooooooooooo" XDD


This is such a good song. Better that it was for Maru <3 It's fun to sing too xD

北風ブルーズ(Kitakaze Blues):

I saw that this was to be on a single, but they kept it to improve it and placed it on the album instead. I kind of dread to think what it sounded like before because I like what I hear on the album! I'm glad they moved it here. 「Lookin' for your shoes」, interesting XDa but I liked hearing it in the song. The way Subaru sings this *_* and the intonations for 「風は止まない」, 「明日へ向かう」, and the like... I just like it XD One of my favorites.

あなたへ(anata e):

ahhh!!! they let Hina start it! GOOD. GOOD. This is a Hina solo song XDD <333 Wish I knew what was being sung though :/ sounds like an average ballad though :/ I like it fine. The chorus is sung with too much Ryo XDa oh wait it switches. okay well there was too much Ryo on that one lol Song is nice, not memorable though.

Sing it, Yoko :|


okay starts pretty good- OKAY FIRST 20 SECONDS IS AWESOME. Ryo starts with Maru next XDD we couldn't ship them harder than they all ready do themselves ;D Sounds a little bluesy/Bond like! omg it's over!??? Subaruuuuuuu. That was waaaaay short! D: this a band opener?? Subaru sounds good XDD I read Ryo wrote majority then got stuck, asked Yasu for some input and Yasu sent back like, 6 different versions?? lol BLESS YASU. more like bless Eito for having Yasu good grief..

West Side!!:

AHHHHHH wtf is this? what a awesome lead into another song! lol the screaming has appeared in a new song! You're not ミセテクレ try again XDD Still. UNF. ..lol even the drums and guitar has like a feel of a lead in to the song XDDD whatever. That's where the similarities end for me. I hope they throw a lot of hand signs and I like that it's called West Side XDD and wow, what a change in music? I don't like when they do that D: keep the flow!? West SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE 8| *hand sign* I feel like Ice Cube lol
Actually it reminds me of their early stuff! The hard rock with the softer stuff inbetween. Not a bad song! I expect tons of flashing lights and fire and growly Subaru.

ここにしかない景色(koko ni shikanai keshiki):

I really enjoy this song. I can't say why but I do. easy to listen to, and maybe I could sing it easily at karaoke XD I think I like the chorus lol not much to say about this.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UNIT SONG SPOILERS!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Unit Songs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So apparently I guessed everything right XDa except I got Hina/Yasu mixed up. But I think I did rather well!! I even got the names right lol Anyhow. Names will be mention in my feelings of the songs but I won't be spelling it out black and white. So if you don't want ANY spoiling of the 3/4 units, no reading below!!!
..I just realized I spoiled part of the units by saying the stuff about Hina/Yasu... well I warned!!!

ベースト!! (beast!!):

This song. lol At first.. actually every single time I listened, I thought they were saying some form of "Piss off!!" but now I know it's "Be Strong!" lol This is a really really strong song though! It's well done. Everyone sounds really good too! It's fun and catchy! I can't wait to see how they do this during the tour omg. D: I wanna see!! lol Hina... XDD The ending is hilarious though wtf.

狩(仮) (..I have no idea XD play on words):

....I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE THINKING. And where is Maru in this!??? Okay I like the background beat of the guitar and I can see this.. lol.. this is way too much. The moment I heard this I knew what team I was voting for. If I could vote of course XDD I was really looking forward to what they would come up with but...WTF IS THIS BREAK IN THE MIDDLE??? did they not write this themselves... I AM SO CONFUSED lol

All is well:

Then it goes to this XD;
This is a nice song, well done, Yasu! and Eito crew! XDD Shota had them write their own parts right? I want this translated at some point. ahahah, Kura's part. Guess he had a lot he wanted to say XD. Arigatouuuuuu~~~~ Aishiiiiiiteruuuuuuu~~ End of concert song!

so those are my mess of feelings and thoughts for the songs. I overall enjoyed the album. It's pretty strong. Everyone that is going to the concerts this winter.. have a lot of fun, okay!! I hope you all go to more than one concert! So you can freak out at one, then thoroughly enjoy the next :} One day I will be there, too!

Date: 2013-10-18 03:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] neitaro.livejournal.com
And I thought that it sounded like PISS OFF too XD

Date: 2013-10-18 04:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amhrancas.livejournal.com
"Girl.. you were my one and only.. then you went and left bread crumbs in my tub of margarine.. I miss you girl"

*CRYING* OMG YES. That is it exactly.

I agree that クラゲ totally has an encore feel to it, all those tarirarira's are perfect for a sing-along.

And where is Maru in this!??? XD; He's not in it at all~

So many tracks that just seem like they would be awesome live <333

Date: 2013-10-19 08:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zaq-in-chill.livejournal.com
the part 「Lookin' for your shoes」 is really WHAT THE??!?!

I love the album.. it really feels like a jukebox... a lot of genres in one box..

Date: 2013-10-19 11:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jillia-and-luca.livejournal.com
"Nostalgie" is FRENCH!

Spoil me, in which unit song is baru?
I might listen to it...

Date: 2013-10-19 09:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] epicwaters.livejournal.com
Please excuse your stupid American friend XD;;

狩(仮)! ♥

Date: 2013-10-24 01:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] enshinge.livejournal.com
Is it Seishun Nostalgie that has Subaru singing something like, Omae wo komarasetakute sukoshi nagame no kiss wo shita? God it makes me go MOEEEEEEEEE every single time XD;


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