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I don't understand how I always seem to get here around 4 months from the last time I posted. It's getting a little creepy to say the least XD

I think losing LJ has really made my fandom fervor die hard. I haven't listened to any eito music since before Kanjanism album. It's not like I actively avoid their stuff. I get excited and interested when they do things! However I tend to say, oh I'll listen to it later. Then the next single comes and I think, oh I'll listen to it with the past one!... but later. and it goes on like this until a year passes and a new album comes out XD it's really gotten pretty bad, especially when I realize I haven't watched any of their concerts either and those are such a highlight.

I would think I've lost interest in them but I do try and keep up with their programs and I am interested when I hear news of music or new programs. I think having a a connection with people on sharing my excitement like I used to is really affecting my urgency? Could be I've just gotten to be a gray old mare in fandom and I'm destined to sit in my corner rocking chair while watching fandom roll by XDa

Date: 2016-03-09 10:04 pm (UTC)
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Same. There's really something missing without the communal flail we used to have on LJ. Even on Twitter, there's far less of that than there was at the beginning, and if you're not online when it happens, that's that. When I was in Japan, I at least got that at cons (though I still got way behind on listening to music), but since leaving, I'm way out of the loop. It's sad how that happens.


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