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While organizing I started to think about Ryo's drama from 24terebi for some odd reason. The I realized the radio was playing some In My Life.. ahahhaaa duuuh.

First off-



Yasu is all in that Hina soup lol and he's holding onto himself ;D


Jul. 15th, 2010 05:36 pm
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Listening to recomen right now(00:33:15) and the first girl is crying and freaking out because she just loves eito. It's cute and funny and of course Yoko cracks a joke 'I'm not Nishikido' xDD it's very cute but gosh darn it all, it's already bad enough that I can't understand even half of what's being said but Mai-chan, stop crying! I can't understand you lol ichiban is.. damn it all I give up but she likes everyone! <333333 Okura? whatever.

Suteki desu lol


May. 14th, 2010 12:42 am
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Listening to recomen and the fourth girl for yes/no daijiten lol she like, talks forever!
and Hina is going 'un''naruhodo''un''un' lol and then after her story Hina's like GOOD GOD THAT WAS LONG/YOU TALK A LOT and then Yoko comes to the girl's defense but then! lol she just keeps talking! about I don't even know what! Her room? A room? and then when she pauses to continue a story yokohina are like 'that's enough we get it. REALLY! That's enough!' lol

girl is 15 lol

and then everyone is 'ari' and the talk-alot chick is all 'NASHI!' lol and Hina cracks up, he's very amused with her. It's cute. I think Yoko fell asleep XD

lol Hina pretty much cuts her off. Yoko gets all sad because she doesn't respond to him commenting. I couldn't hear what he said. actually what everyone was talking about especially the last two callers were hard :/ がんばります! *fist of power*

I cannot understand this whispery lady. That's what I'll call her- Whisper Lady.
lol cute yoko “ハズカシイこれ”. “ムズカシイデ~”. ..are these girls doing a quiz? lol no clue.

LOL yoko omg when Whisper Lady leaves.. lol... hope Sky-san hears it XD
d'awwww maru talk.

off topic- I miss Maru coming all the time!
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∞ If you lay the three CDs open, they can be linked together to form something!

It better be a picture of Hiroki.. LOL.

Made me laugh out loud. Cindi is definitely one of my favorites.

39 minutes into レコメン and Hina does this hugely long title about special week lol
The first recomen boys chick was a Hina fan and she was all "HAI?!" to one of Yoko's questions. Cute and it made Hina laugh XD
Also, Yoko was hilarious with talking about the CDs earlier on, messing up on reading. He thanked Hina for the corrections XDD
edit: TWISTER!! I guess they're asking listeners for ideas on what to do when Subaru and Ryo come to visit. Girl said Twister lol I'd pay to see that mess.
edit: lol sounds like they're going to do Twister next week XD
also, ending letters listeners mentioned Heyx3 Yokoyama-kai<3 and Arashi's Dome MC about Countdown. Hina said it was just lip service ROFL.
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54 minutes into Recomen.. omg lol

They played an eito intro song and yoko was like, can we listen to it again? and so Yoko does his thing cuz he's bitter about no solo lines "The was my voice right?" "That was everyone!" and they listen to it again all the way through the chorus and the song fades.. and Yoko's like, that one part, that was me right? and Hina's all *pause* "no, it's subaru, dude." "oh it's not me." "No! It's not you!" lol yoko sounded kind of bummed. everyone is cracking up in the background. XDD

Yoko just let out the greatest laugh ever. It was cackley, warm and cute just, all at once.

*editedit* after the grand prix thing, lol the staff purposely played 急☆上☆SHOW!! where YokoHina had their solo line. LOL
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YokoYu & Maruru: CLAP UR HANDS, PAANPAAN! *giggling mess*

Hina: ...Fuck my life..*sigh*
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Subaru's key word on recomen omg lol

LOL Yoko can't breathe its so bad.. is someone choking? LOL

I am not going to lie, hearing Subaru say, come here in English was damn sexy and I looped it 8 or 20 times. Along with Maru saying something that I can't quite distinguish lol
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dunno anything about it but am listening to recomen now 24:00
Yoko apparently read something.. or heard something from the manager.. Hina did it without anyone knowing! lol well, more like Yoko LOL


lol Yoko just can't understand. You can hear the surprise in his voice.
..Hina didn't think it was true.. and was like really? thought it would be with everyone but it was by himself


joke じゃない? lol

awesome I'm excited. XDDD


ROFL not too sure but Yoko said something along the lines of you'd think it'd be Ryo with a solo cm first. but it didn't happen. Or it ends up being Hina of all people. lol

God. Looking forward to a summary
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A couple of things to say about recomen w/Tsubasa.

1. He has the most ridiculous laugh. Sort of like Yoko, only more immature sounding. Kind of like a little kid. XDD I hope he laughs so I know it's him making a comment.

All three of them are talking so plainly that I get mixed up as to who is speaking. It's a hard life.

2. The funnest part was them yelling out sempai names as answers for the quiz section. And Yoko using Sakamoto as a boke. Actually Yoko complaining was pretty hilarious in itself. That and how they kept mentioning Subaru in the DVD. XDD

~Kyou waa~

Jul. 31st, 2009 04:52 pm
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Listening to recomen the second time through.
14:42- Yoko/Hina say the same thing at the same time (twice within 10s), Yoko giving way to Hina. They're definitely married.

and Maru is a guesssst. Maru keeps talking in low timbre. Sexy.

ah and someone wrote about how Yoko got second place in the Nikan thing.
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I cannot believe, that I just heard Subaru call Kame as 'Kamenashi-san'

Kamenashi san.


Just because Kame is the leader for the Dream Boys troupe... SAN?!
lol but what was funny was Yoko talking and referring to him as just 'Kame'. and then I'm guessing he was telling Subaru to just call to him as 'Kame!' Subaru was like no way! but then Yoko was like.. 'how about Kame-chan?' lol 'sounds like an old man!' or something. fun times.

but san!??! gotta be kidding me.

Gah. dying. baru sounds so cute.
and what is with Yoko tickling little boys!?

so does Hina. sleepy sounding boke Hina XDDD


May. 28th, 2009 06:48 pm
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I'm listening to recomen right now and I am cracking up. Since Hina is still overseas when they're recording this, Maru and Yasu are hosting the show, with Yoko coming in 15 minutes later from drama filming. Anyhow, I think they're doing a corner about Hina being.. Hina and so they play his solos in the background at the start of the corner and it's so hilarious; Hina's voice is so strong that they're talking and you can barely hear them. and then they play his Osaka Tarou song thing, and it's so loud LOL. So the staff lowers it and it's still too loud. They're probably doing it on purpose but still. I'm laughing so hard. Them struggling to be heard over background music of all things. And it's Hina music too lol.

edit: LMAO. Maru mocking Hina's song is like, the best(01:19:40). Yoko hearing it for the first time just now, wtf. XD Yasu singing Koi no ABO too early is just &hearts

..東京ドーム surprise..? solos maybe? UCHI!? XD
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I love thee... recomen


That's the best I can do for the introduction of the nutcases. Okura barely finished his intro and all hell broke loose lol Subaru and his ojiisan yells. lol
Opening was almost 8 minutes XDD full of all kinds of fun. Memorably Ryo failure. Mentions of dramas (Okura and Maru) which was soooo so cute, damn Maru; and Subaru working with Matchy-san and how wonderful that is.
Of course there's more but I suck at translation XD I'm just excitededed!!!! XDDD
All the while too, they must have been fooling around because you can hear them giggling and being fools in the background during Hina's reading lol Yoko seemed to have trouble with Eight's last single title LOL

hina: Recomen Girls Ranking~!
baru: Good Evening! &hearts

ahhh Aiba mention~
Shota is definitely present today, laughing loud holy moly.


okay that's enough cuz I can barely get little bits. subaru+toilets?? Not surprised.

sunglasses #3!! for the ranking lol

EDIT: SAKURAI SHO AS GUEST NEXT WEEK?? WAIT WHAT?? EHHHHHHHHH??? I totally misheard that right- no way. SakuMura!!! XDDD

Yoshi: Ze~ro~
Baru: I~chi~

EDIT: they are laughing so hard omg. They keep doing voice changing stuff.
lol subaryo loving~ XDDD

I'm totally making this up as I go along lol


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