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May. 15th, 2012 10:38 pm
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Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday dear Okra..~~

oh wait )
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Happy Birthday! I really don't have much to say. I fan your group, I fan you. You're weird and I can never truly guess what you'll do next. You're a kaleidoscope who shifts often and gives many colors & patterns, but they're all distinctly you.

I like you a lot. You're my ~favorite~ right now. You should feel pretty happy about that XD

I kid. Happy Birthday. I hope you were shown how loved you are by those close to you.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] whited_79!!

You know, while I was looking back through my journal a few weeks ago I came to realize that you & I have known each other since I first came to LJ!! You were like, the third person on here to friend me back! it's been a super long time! Holy moly lol

anyhow, I guess it's not as important as the fact that we're still buddies :} I'm really grateful for all the informative posts you make and for replying to my often dumb comments to your journal (and twitter!). I hope your birthday was wonderful and brilliant. Thanks for being a friend :}

Happy Birthday!! ♥~
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Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday lovely Sonyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Happy Birthday to you!

Another year older :D I know you've been busy lately but I hope you're doing well <3 I'm glad I know you *hug* I hope your birthday is fantastic and that you were able to enjoy it fully! I love you <33333333!!! Happy Birthday 8}
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Hope it was great. I'm glad you're in the group.
You bring an indescribable affect to everyone.
Thank you for finally feeling comfortable in yourself, in the group.

26 years!! :O I'm so old lol

Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] pinkpapyrus!!

Hope it was a beautiful day with beautiful people watching. I dunno. I just imagine you like people watching XD
Either way, I like you lots! I hope your birthday was filled with lots of love and laughter and something fattening. or at least fruity, like fruits. XD
a day early (for me) cuz I may miss it Sat XD

Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday, Jenjen!
I am such a 'blonde' bitch- I'm late!!!
We haven't talked much lately D: but I think of you often. More like a lot- since I can't help but think of you when I think of Subaru XD I just saw your birthday post~ I'm glad you had a great time & were surrounded by good friends! Vampires huh... hmmm~ ;D

Hope this year is filled with more smiles and tasty stuff. God knows that tasty stuff is the best kind of stuff :D

Happy Birthday ♥ \:D/!
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Hope it was awesome. So awesome that Yoko won't be able to stop himself from telling everyone on Recomen how much of a drunken goober you were. *prays for another spiderman episode*
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Maruちゃん wants YOU!

to wear a Red Bra and Panties.

Happy Birthday, Maru~
It's not the 26th here yet, but I'm going to be Green Friday-ing so I won't be around. HOWEVER.

I will be wearing my red bra and panties. 0__0v
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It's been a year since I've last heard anything from you but, Happy Birthday regardless.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] oh_su!
I hope you're doing well, got your choco cake XDD and life is feeling fine~ ♥
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In refusing to miss another birthday by post-

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] airairo!!! I hope your day is great, that you got ample Arashi/Eito booty, and rode some dinosaurs too. <3

Oh! and cake!! Can't forget the sweets XD
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I'ssa birthday!

Happy Birthday [ profile] elyndys!!!

They look so bummed because they can't be there to give you the present/song just for you, in person. ;D
and suba's sad to hear you find him creepy atm xD

Hope it was great~ Did you eat cake? See your fav John & Edward?? PRESENTS!??! xD
Either way, I hope the coming year is filled with more exciting, fun times and laughter :D

Happy Birthday!
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Itssa birthday tiiiime!

Happy Birthday [ profile] stepbackwards!!

Hope it was great, that there was plenty of loved ones around, that you got to see someone hot naked. xDD

Happy Birthday :}
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] saintmaverick!!!!

I was so worried I'd forget your day lol So I'm doing it like right now!

I'm glad we're still buddies ^^, You're starting on a new path on your journey called life <33 as corny as it sounds I wish you the best of luck, love and friends. I hope you had a wonderful day :D!!

Happy Birthday~
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okay, I've been going through my scans, updating them and pulling out pics of the eito wearing those power wrist band... things. Which is actually kind of hard to spot because sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not, within the same shoot lol but anyhow, question!
Looking at magazine 'with', Dec2009, where subaru, hina, maru and ryo were in a photoshoot together looking all manly-

XD~ anyhow, was there a shoot with yoko, yasu, okura? Last night I went hunting through to look at covers and I couldn't find them at all? If they did appear it would have been before Apr2010, the start of their new column. Anyone have information about that.
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For [ profile] whited_79 and [ profile] satellite16

A couple of my favorites <3 )
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Gosh darn you enchan!! You and your blasted hidden birthday! *scratches down date some place she won't lose it*
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While in Guam, a certain member of a Johnny's group stops an unknowing native and asks a very important question-

Happenings in a shopping mall )


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!! 8D it's already over for you but its still your birthday here~ ;D
While scanning I was wondering which image to use for your birthday post and then while I was putting this page together, I thought, perfect XDDD cuz he's friggin adorable with the kid!!! XDD

Anyhow, Happy Birthday~ and I know you said you don't care but, I'm about halfway through the calendar scanning. It's hard!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] cel_chan!!

How's life~ XDD


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