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because this part was funny & seeing Okura crack up over Subaru wanting to be included is the cutest thing. You can see Subaru's smiling too, the little cheekbone popping up x}
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When telling people to reuse a cardboard tube for tapping your shoulder as a type of massage, you're bound to get smart comments. Don't worry though, we were all thinking it anyhow XD

Hina is adorable when he's trying to stay in control. XD but who could take this seriously?? lol
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I wonder if he's wishing for some mayonnaise right about now~ *whimsy*

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The one cap that has me laughing even now.

Hina was on that platform before it was all the way out. Before anyone even thought to move.
Subaru looks lost lol
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In part to stay away from the Foreward of Scrap and Existence making of dls, I give you a goofy Ryo scap from Joker, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] nishikii xD

I was waiting to dl Joker in hopes HQ vid would pop up but I have not seen any. So. Dl I will, watch I will, and ignore the goodies that are too many days early for my own health.. I will try my best xD
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ooOOOoooooo spooky~ xD
I actually am curious as to what will happen now since they have all the characters out there, in theory. What is left to show? Maybe a baby carriage will appear instead of the van lol
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Anybody else finding this hilarious? I'm finding it hilarious.

I had gone here earlier today and it was wiped clean of graffiti and card throwing, and now the cards are back and wala! new note. Would have liked a warning!
And here I was just having fun clicking in the far right corner and watching the cards going to the target every once in a while..
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I'm only borrowing this preview from ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ because of the second row first column picture- Look at the widdle guy! xDD He's so tiny..! and that one close-up of his face. He's looking tired + too skinny! Maybe the darker complexion highlights the exhaustion? Maybe it's just not a very good image lol

Then now, covers of LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~!!!
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The Kanpani xtras are up in XQ, but I could only grab the one from 115.
DVD 2! xD

anyhow, here's some caps of Glistening Hina, In Pain Maru, and Subaruヤン!

Hina gets two because I'm not sure if you can see how freaking wet he is from the spicy food he ate lol

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I just noticed (go ahead and make fun of me because, I would xD) that there's a sound made when the ad appears on club8.

And that it sounds like a movie reel. xDD Always thought the flashy ad looked like a silent film. Man, I'm slow.

I've also been taking like, a bajillion of screen caps of the site in it's many forms. It's neat to see how when the time changes different things appear or disappear from the line-up of possible 'things' that appear. Garbage is definitely new though because I took quite a few caps from the first day and it never appeared. Whatever. FUN TIMES.


Jul. 19th, 2010 01:15 am
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I know you're cheap and all.

and keep your loose change in a big tin can thing that could probably break a foot or two if dropped..

STILL! You won't even spend the money on a shirt that at least covers up the way it should!?

I know they make 'fake' shirts but they usually cover the whole front, not just half way! Just makes you look more cheap.

and skanky. XD Then again if I were to have a favorite in Arashi, it'd be you and Sakurai. I don't know if that not-even-a-shirt knocks you lower on the totem pole. I'll sleep on it.

I mean my GAWD you can't even get the full frontal one!? LOL
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Finished watching the 150th episode of The 'Ben. yaaay~ I've been watching it over a few times because there were some good points- as in MaruBaru points and the guest has been on the show three times now! I really only recall one previous, but whatever. Time, for the picspam and dumb comments.

Janiben, HOOOOOO o__o/ )
I wonder if it will let me post all of this.. I'll try!
Yoko cute )

Anyhow, it's late, I'm now successfully tired. I hope the HD pops up soon! and that it's encoded like Megumi-chan and not Abekouji, too many stripe line thingies. This post bore you to sleepy~time like it did me? Hope not, or, if so, it was at least comment worthy XD
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I can't say if all of you know how I like the Kansai Jrs. known as Veteran. Well I do, and they did a four episode drama, as part of a series Dramatic-J, called Vacation. The main character was Ito Masashi of Veteran, with the other three as support characters. Yes there are more than four members in Veteran (there's like, 6) but for the sake of this post, there are only four. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Also, I happen to be quite taken with the one called Ito Masashi.

This is a post about the offshots of the drama from the Dramatic-J DVD. There will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary behind the cut. Yes, there will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary.


You have been warned. Twice.

Making of! )

It's breezy, in the town with no Ito's )
This has become a post about my favorite. oops? ;D

there are others! *looks through caps*
ah! )

lol Well, I'll fit him here with the cute reminiscing group shots.


Thanks for reading through my post! if you got this far LOL.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 12:06 am
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sooo that means Ryo is doing his little musical session with Taichi by himself? Like what he asked in his interview? Interesting~ I didn't hear/read anyone say that about the upcoming episode... unless I'm mistaken?
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This took way too long to post. I used the gallery image posting tool thing thinking it'd be easier.. it wasn't. At least I learned some new html crap! Always a silver lining. Though I'm pretty sure I'll forget it by the end of the day XDD

too many caps )
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before )



first half~~~ heheheh I went hunting for another box to have this. now it's miiiiine allllll miiiiiiine XDDDDD
second half almost finished~~


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X'DDDD these faces are priceless

On that special Janiben... gah. I wonder just how freaked out he gets. *takes picture for memory*

and just because- )

source: XQ
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Made caps of the files I uploaded yesterday, but ended up doing... what I did in the post. So now I have a few shiny caps that I dunno what to do with. I'll just post them here.

Nippon no Eco Station )
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I made caps. I would have capped a ton more but. Then it'd be the whole episode and you could just make a flip book out of it. Totally cute. Bobby, or whatever his name was, was little hard to understand. But he was fun XD

ゴメンお父さん、お父さんゴメン )


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