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is anyone able to nab this file? I dl for hrs @ 2.6kb/s and then at the last moment it dies >:|
a re-up would really be appreciated!

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[HDTV]20100727 -(ゲスト:新山千春).avi

[HDTV]20100720 -(ゲスト:松本明子).avi

[HDTV]20100713 -(ゲスト:岡田圭右).avi

[HDTV]20100629 -(ゲスト:博多華丸・大吉).avi

Thank you so much Mii-chan! I was finally able to watch. It was wonderful :}
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I'm thinking of making you into a tag btw. Maybe.

Last part will be up at some point today.

}5ldk 741mb{ ::[1]:::[2]:::[3]::

btw, I've been having some issues with certain "analog" files were it will just skip all over the damn place. Maybe it will work fine for you who knows. If not, here's the link to the file in cb. You could have better luck.

Or maybe you already found a source. It happens XD
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I know I dled something, and I can't find it anywhere! I was browsing through jps a week ago and found a couple of torrents. "I totally got those already", I thought but I looked through my stuff to confirm it and I guess I never did grab it! Now I'm fruitlessly try to dl these things (one is at 95% the other barely 20%) STILL believing that I already have these suckers. They're so shiny how could I have missed them you know?
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Uhm.. Yay!!

[livejournal.com profile] dozchan.. when you upload it yourself (because I always get it from you.. :}), feel free to take my links too and do what you will. <33

uhh... doable quality. lol I ain't complainin'!

090117: 184mb 23:31
[1] [2]

Got this from gogo, thank you for the link miss Jen XD
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If anyone can help me seed a Cartoon KAT-TUN batch file on jpopsuki, that'd be awesome~ it's eps 85-89, the standard WS avi files. any help is appreciated!!

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So does anyone have this or has it snatched from YT to enjoy long after it's deleted?

*embed was disabled*

Maru is cute when he says his mom and dad are heroes XD he leans back all suave.

Of course Hina points it out.
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box has updated with iitomo Toma HD and 5LDK HD. should I dl? Should I wait to see if someone will up it on free places?? I get better dl speeds with those. What should I do!?

Oh, what shall I do~


janiben #64

Aug. 7th, 2008 12:03 am
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I have a favor to ask of someone. I'd ask at Eden but. I don't know, feels kind of foolish. >__<

I would like to ask if someone can dl a file for me off of CB. it seems my new OS for my comp doesn't like CB and it reboots my computer D: I don't think I can us it anymore! I have the dl link for the file @ CB. will someone be willing to dl it for me and then up it at MU or MF or anywhere for that matter. I'd really appreciate it <3


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