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So this is happening.


Maru. Oh precious, precious Maru. Who knew, really, what you would be doing this year. Did you know? Did you know you'd be playing a virgin pervert(ie. tons of porn), and have to promote said drama naked except for a dozen roses?

Draw him like one of your french girls. Oh yes.

If they have a scene where he blushes and then there's like a shoujo moment of sparkly nakedness with red petals floating amongst the glitter and then a 'iyaaah~!' soundtrack.. I think I'll die.

anyhow. Maru. new dramallama. July hajimeyostuff. late night 60mins. oh, and his love interest is once again, Taira Airi. I bet they're seeing each other >_> *dons sailor hat*

ps. I only made this post really so that I could have the bouquet ala maru on my journal. everything else is really just filler. 8}
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TYPE A (Limited Edition A comes with a bonus DVD including a music video and making-of video.)

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp

TYPE B (Limited Edition B comes with a bonus DVD with special footage "Prologue of Patch #5-8.")

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp

REGULAR (FIRST PRESS) (First Press comes with making-of photo booklet.)

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp

Limited editions and the regular edition feature different artworks.

ALL UP Except Yesasia. Only cuz I don't like that site :/
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Okay, so I lied. I don't have all of room 0 yet- missing the last episode. BUT! almost there! XDD
also seems the last episode includes two parts so 21 episodes instead of 22. Oops on my part again! XDD

Saw the cm for the DVD next week. EXCITED!!! Getting a peek at it all. I'm kind of thrilled they showed everyone jumping at midnight XDD and that one of the parts was Maru gliding to the stage XDDD but what made my heart stop was Osaka Romanesque. Can't be helped :}

One more episode of Kanpani and then new show in the morning~ I hope it goes well! Also their new prime time show(they're just regular guests but whatever! PRIME TIME SHOW 0__0v) and then the other show.. that I can't think of. God help me if those are shared. I'd be beside myself lol

Noticed the day of Spring LJ finally changed the top bar. It's all green and leafy!

uhm.. what else.. oh, Wondercon in San Francisco is next week. Guess I'm going Fri/Sat. Peter Beagle is gunna be there *squee* I wonder if I'll be able to get my shirt done in time...
Then the following weekend is Cherry Blossom Festival at Nihonmachi in S.F. I dunno if I'll be able to make it to that one D: I want to though! I want to hear music again.. ^^,


also while watching puipui on YT near the end of the interview I swear I hear Yoko's high pitched giggle in the background. It's probably just me XD and I can't nab it from the site either. Need to find a new program.
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Who is this mighty beast?

sort of image/spoiler heavy? )
Looking forward to the rest of the story~

fifth story

Feb. 7th, 2010 03:14 pm
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....SCARY!!!! 0_____0

New ending theme-

TOKIO! lol it seems so weird seeing the ending video with different music.

Was the Arashi song released at all?

also.. I have a new default pic LOL I attempted and it sucks I know but pleeeeeease some one make me one that's better! D:

Yoko EYE

Oct. 4th, 2009 06:57 pm
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This drama was so much fun. lol I kind of understood what was going on, but not really. The ending was cracktastic. I dled from gacha but the last two minutes or so went to crap! like they took off the HD option. lol grrrrrrr

got to say though, the bad guy played his role really, really well. XD once you watch I hope you'll understand what I mean. There's a cap I want to post so bad but it'd ruin the whole story XD

Possible spoilers past cut!! )
I did try my best though to not clip spoilerish images. XDDD Yoko so much fun to watch lol
and my icon so fits! I love my vampire yoko icon &hearts

edit: okay I lied, I'm going to post the cap that will ruin the whole story. Highlight below for my comments, and click the link if you really want to see.
one of the best parts <3 )
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I'm not cutting it. sorry. scroll past :P

I just finished watching ep 8 of OnI. NO SURPRISES THERE! Though the last episode.. very much interested! How's it going to wrap up. gah I wish it was 10 episodes still. I think this episode is one of my favorites. I'm glad I'm enjoying this drama like I hoped I would. Though like I said earlier, there was about, maybe one 'Oh, really?' moment in this episode. Other than that, I already guessed like.. 6, 7 episodes back. lol nice to know it was verified though. Got to love American writers lol
and pssssh.. that samawara/sawamura whatever dude, thinking he's Hercules. whatever loser. If anyone is Hercules it's Hasebe!
How's it going to end!!??? O__________O

Ryosuke totally grabbed Ryuzaki's butt during the hot scuffle of love.
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Honestly I'm shocked at MatsuJun's place and how high Smile got on the awards. Not saying TQS or Sakurai should have gotten the award, cuz that would be just as bad but really? :/

No more!

Feb. 10th, 2009 08:42 pm
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I think I don't wanna watch this show anymore.
the tops of my eyebrows hurt from unshed tears.

Damn Voice )

Okay, okay, the girl isn't ugly but really. I don't need a close-up of a crying face (unless it's EiToma) because it's nasty looking. Crying faces aren't meant to be looked at (unless it's EiToma).

and yea, I'm watching the hardsub version.

and no, I'm still going to watch this because Eita's character is a closet eccentric. LOOOOOVE ITTTT.


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