Dec. 6th, 2011 03:11 pm
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So, things happened and I can't get the album. I've been trying to count my pennies in hopes that I don't have to cancel my FIGHT album order but it looks like I'm going to have to. I just don't have the money to spare D: and it looks like the exchange rate will not change for the better any time soon. I'm pretty screwed. I'm really, really sad right now lol it's pretty embarrassing. But considering I haven't missed a release since 2007 I think I can let myself be depressed for missing this one.
I'll have dls and stuff.. and pictures from fans who got it. I won't have it in my hands though and it's really depressing me XD I probably won't be able to even think of purchasing it until at least January- I can't even buy the Marching J video, if they're even still available- so I'm hoping!! hoping, that they all don't sell out. If they do, it'll be the first press regular *pines* and the limited B edition *omg my Subaru one-eyeliner fantastic. Pig!girl will be most devastated*
and don't even get me started about the upcoming con goods. the shirt, cap, pamphlet I will not be getting ;_____; I really wanted those lol especially the hat!!!

thinking about all this is giving me watery eyes XD

At this rate I may not make it to 8th Year Awesome. Which bums me out above all things. I'll light some incense for myself, chant incantations of money. Invoke the spirit of POSITIVE KIBUN. For all I know ,maybe this will help save for their 8th year. That I'll be able to go if/when they do the awesome we're all expecting. They've hinted at it long enough. I really want to be there! with everyone. .___.) show you all how annoying I really am XD and you can have me going \8D/! in the REAL LIFE. You all have permission to take pictures for posterity.

Least I have the mental image of Yara headbutting an aquarium tank to make me feel a little better.

That is all.


Jun. 13th, 2011 01:26 pm
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Maashii is my favorite.

You can talk shit all you want

But not today.
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Anyone else have this hugely annoying problem when saving images from PB??

I look at the image on the internet and it looks like this-

then I save it to my desktop/folder/whatever and it looks like this-

both completely normal.

But then when I go to click and look at it's fantasticness, it turns into this nasty..thing!-

>8U!!!!!!! anyone else get this crap!??? It's only with photobucket too!! No other site does this to me. So now, when it's an awesome pic.. I have to prt-sc the image and then Paint the crops together!

This is of course not me hating on people who do use PB. Definitely not grumpy at PB users. People share however they can and I'm grateful. It all just means I need to take a couple more steps to get said image. However, WHY PHOTOBUCKET D: this is just my show of frustration for this site that has gone to crap for me the past couple of years.
I mean I've gone treasure hunting through the catacombs of Google and have found awesome pages but then can't grab them because it's on photobuckeeeeeet.

Does this happen to anyone else??? *headdesk*
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Found out Yara was in SF for Jin's live. I am upset. I could have seen him bust his moves..

right there!! He was right there ;___________;
I cannot even put into words to describe how upset I am. Completely missed him. Tear.

45 minutes away. Not even. FML man. Never going to happen again. Ever. /headesk

I am so bummed lol


Feb. 3rd, 2010 09:25 pm
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I. AM.



sigh. It's hot cocoa time.
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MU went back to the way it was before! Now I have to wait so many seconds before dling and can only dl one file at a time again D:!!! whyyyyyyy!!!! Today is just sucking so bad!

Someone hold me.
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I can't find my song anywhere!


I had it for the longest time.. I hope I didn't delete it!! D: nooooooo

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Summer has come and gone.

Within it's wake is cold, dreary days. Coming to pause life and to shrivel up more than man's family jewels.

Go away Winter! You were a jerk and cut in front of Autumn! Don't bring me clouds unless it's going to rain heavy and bring luscious hills of green dammit!


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