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Hi everybody~~! \:D/!

nothing going on here really just felt the need to post something as it's been.... a long time! XD

going on a trip tomorrow and am a liiiiittle nervous? :/ long distance driving will be a first. will I get tired or crampy or stiff and cause an accident D:!? I think I'll be fine though XD only been driving(legally) since I was 15..

how is everyone doing~ xDDD I saw the first images of the upcoming 7-eleven ER2 merchandise! all the rocket butt things..! lol those headphones though... want. XD why can't they just sell them like everything else. they're only 5000! I say only like I could afford them but still. I want to get at least the kitty-chan charm+plushie in red and black, along with my usual clearfile.

anyhoo! hope all is well. I've been pretty occupied with life so I haven't done a lot that I've wanted to do here. Maybe soon!! Miss you gaiz :( Miss your posts.
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Click! Make a thread! Spread the love~~ :}



besides that, Since Tuesday I've been battling this sinus.. thing and it seems to have gotten better but only that instead of being stuffy, slightly congested and unable to breathe through my nose, I can now breathe through my nose and everything is runny D: and I'm a little sneezy now. and still congested XD
which I suppose means it's getting better? it's clearing itself out in a way? but really, the color of my mucus has run the gambit from pale yellow to bright yellow then darker and now it's like, a thin pale green. 8|

I don't feel sick or anything! So I don't know. If it continues to play color spectrum and I don't get better by the end of the week, doctor time!


I've finally getting around to finishing those scans I promised last yr. cuz I suck. and didn't finish them super fast like I normally would. I'm pretty sure I remember the two people that chose the magazines, but not sure. XDa I don't even remember what month I asked people to choose lol so I can't even look back. OH MAN. anyhow.

That's all!
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okay. so I'm a day or more late but it's my feelings that count, right? :D

it's been a while everyone \D:/
I miss you all \D:/!!

I miss talking with you and sharing dumb pictures and commenting until it warps my layout and





uugh tummy... )

oh, and before I forget- CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! You haz license! <3
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I always feel like a weirdo posting one of these. Which is why I never do because I have this fear that no one will comment. BUT.

Holiday Love Meme, Secret Santa Style!
my thread

might as well face the fear x}

EDIT: it seems the first link has gotten full. Since I'm sure everyone that has wanted to comment already has, I won't be making a new thread. However, I believe I have anon msg open on this post. so if you want but haven't yet, just msg below? :}
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So, things happened and I can't get the album. I've been trying to count my pennies in hopes that I don't have to cancel my FIGHT album order but it looks like I'm going to have to. I just don't have the money to spare D: and it looks like the exchange rate will not change for the better any time soon. I'm pretty screwed. I'm really, really sad right now lol it's pretty embarrassing. But considering I haven't missed a release since 2007 I think I can let myself be depressed for missing this one.
I'll have dls and stuff.. and pictures from fans who got it. I won't have it in my hands though and it's really depressing me XD I probably won't be able to even think of purchasing it until at least January- I can't even buy the Marching J video, if they're even still available- so I'm hoping!! hoping, that they all don't sell out. If they do, it'll be the first press regular *pines* and the limited B edition *omg my Subaru one-eyeliner fantastic. Pig!girl will be most devastated*
and don't even get me started about the upcoming con goods. the shirt, cap, pamphlet I will not be getting ;_____; I really wanted those lol especially the hat!!!

thinking about all this is giving me watery eyes XD

At this rate I may not make it to 8th Year Awesome. Which bums me out above all things. I'll light some incense for myself, chant incantations of money. Invoke the spirit of POSITIVE KIBUN. For all I know ,maybe this will help save for their 8th year. That I'll be able to go if/when they do the awesome we're all expecting. They've hinted at it long enough. I really want to be there! with everyone. .___.) show you all how annoying I really am XD and you can have me going \8D/! in the REAL LIFE. You all have permission to take pictures for posterity.

Least I have the mental image of Yara headbutting an aquarium tank to make me feel a little better.

That is all.
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I just finished watching the third episode of The Walking Dead and all I gotta say is I knew it. Knew it! I believe he thought Rick was dead but that does not excuse the rest of his ass. They were slow, but they could have made it. BS man. I don't care D: Shane just killed a man to save his own ass! and HE was the one hurt! wtf.. whatever. I love this show. and don't even get me started on the Lori, Rick's wife. Don't even get me started lol I love this show because I just about dislike everyone. Almost.

I did watch the second episode of Once Upon a Time. Still love it.I like how it does the flashbacks and all the symbols from the fairy tales. I enjoy it, I don't care.
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Ell: *munches on a cookie. it is delish*
Ell: OMG Takki could use that as a lyric!
Athu: He already has! Taste me, honey~ Eat me, honey~ XD
Ell: b-but that's honey, this is cookie XD I can't imagine Subaru, even as big of a troll he is, would sing about eating cookie X'D
Athu: ...dlksjfj now I want Subaru to write an epic rock ballad & to announce a month later that it was about a cookie XDDDDD
Ell: snort XDDD and everyone during that month will be like, HE SO HAS A GF! yup. a sweet one xD
Athu: "He has a gf!! NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE INSPIRED HIM SO MUCH D:" "I do! She's a cookie!" "So sweet!" "Exactly 8D /trololol"

Ell: Next fic meme!! I'm asking for Subaru/cookie. Subaru falls so deep in love, he writes a rock ballad for his favorite- choco chip xD
Like, he gets a batch of cookies from Taeko's neighbor best friend & he eats them all so quickly that he has one left- that he falls for.
and can never eat! because then it'd be the end of their ~love~ and Hina finds out about the cookie safely wrapped in Saran Wrap & yells-
like he does. & Baru gives The Stare O__O
"Our love is more than just the tasty Toll House Morsels!" and he writes the song to some awesome rock chords *by yasu*
and it goes on for a month! fangirls everywhere freakout because 'Subaru has a gf OHEMGEE'
but their love affair ends on a sour note- He makes the mistake of leaving it in his bag during rehearsals. Ryo leaving a stash of enoki-
finds the cookie. and eats it. Subaru mourns. He writes a new song- it's a ballad of sweetness lost.
And it'll be called, Not Even a Crumb Remained

wtf why even leave it in the meme. I've just written it.
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I think.. I think it's about time for a new default icon.

I have so many to chose from I dunno what to use!!!

No one really has anything going on right now.
Maybe I should just choose one of my other icons, then find a Maru to replace the gap. I have no Maru icons.. or Kurara!! D: or Yasu come to think of it.. lol I suck! Maybe I have one that has all three in it.

I dunno (>___<) and I still only have credit on nishipurin as anon-san. I feel bad!!

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because this part was funny & seeing Okura crack up over Subaru wanting to be included is the cutest thing. You can see Subaru's smiling too, the little cheekbone popping up x}
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Takichan keeps getting more interesting..(if that's how you want to describe it XD)

All I can say is, wow.

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Anyone else have this hugely annoying problem when saving images from PB??

I look at the image on the internet and it looks like this-

then I save it to my desktop/folder/whatever and it looks like this-

both completely normal.

But then when I go to click and look at it's fantasticness, it turns into this nasty..thing!-

>8U!!!!!!! anyone else get this crap!??? It's only with photobucket too!! No other site does this to me. So now, when it's an awesome pic.. I have to prt-sc the image and then Paint the crops together!

This is of course not me hating on people who do use PB. Definitely not grumpy at PB users. People share however they can and I'm grateful. It all just means I need to take a couple more steps to get said image. However, WHY PHOTOBUCKET D: this is just my show of frustration for this site that has gone to crap for me the past couple of years.
I mean I've gone treasure hunting through the catacombs of Google and have found awesome pages but then can't grab them because it's on photobuckeeeeeet.

Does this happen to anyone else??? *headdesk*
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I wonder if he's wishing for some mayonnaise right about now~ *whimsy*

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Today I was sitting with my grams in a doctor's waiting room. She was browsing a travel fashion magazine (right?! I didn't know those things existed. There is seriously a magazine for everything! ..anyhow >_>) while I looked on at her side. She turns the page to an ad for Dolce and Gabbana cologne for men. Matthew McConaughey was the ad model. Out of seemingly nowhere grams goes-

"No man should be allowed to be this attractive." *turns page*

Queue me being stunned.

That's right grams. You tell that ad of McConaughey hottness off!

This has been a 'once in a blue moon' message from Ell.
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「関ジャニ∞カレンダー 2011.4~2012.3」

amazon.jp it's off 10%

so... A3 size unless open fully, which will be A2 size.. with a 3D booklet/album thing..
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Nishikido Ryo.

Riding dinosaurs since he was 8.

C: leslie27@sina
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It's cold in my house~ Winter is coming D:!!!!


ミヤネさん needs to like, stop responding to everyone and their moms and invite eito on for some promos! damnit!

Visited Takichan tonight. I forget to every Friday so I've missed like.. half? Anyhow. Is this channel only for the 'popular' juniors or what. Every time I watch it seems to be either kis-my-ft2 or abc-z group. ah! I did catch uhm.. Yuma's buddies. otherwise, same damn people!!

I also forgot that T&T are doing a mini tour thingie! I watched the family club free video of them (where's muh playzone DVD Kielbasa!!) and thought they were dorks. Also watched Veteran's video. Had a giggle at Bun's expense. Also at Maashi, since he missed his own group title call!! wtf lol

Real reason for the post is because while watching for the bazillionth time, Fujigayayaya and Kawaiiiiiiii on Takichan, they promo'd Takki's DVD thingie and I noticed English! Understandable English!!

Too bad the meaning of 'buying overseas' means 'shipping charges raping your most sensitive of areas'.

That's it. また来週。
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Subaru's birthday has come and gone, so has the anniversary. I did not do what I wanted to do. :( I didn't even start let alone finish the month of eito meme thing I was suppose to start on my birthday and end on 8/25. I am a sad excuse of a fan. I have no initiative lol
I will do the thing I wanted to have finished! I've wanted to do it for a while now and though it's more for my sake than anything, I'd like to do it. and the meme!


SOON!! I promise xD ah!! I have that song/letter one to do also lol

You all still wanna be my friends right? :D? :(? I bet that nice anonsan doesn't even check my journal anymore..! I SUCK!

needs to rest


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