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Someone made a thread for me at that love meme thing ;___;

I've never had a thread before. ;____;

Thank you, everyone ( ; ~ ;)ノシ


Aug. 8th, 2011 10:04 pm
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Happy Eight Day!

It's still the 8th here. Wanted to wish everyone a good Eito Day :}

I may enjoy Kanjani8 at an almost unhealthy level >_> but I enjoy you all even more ~

You're all my treasure! ♥
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] whited_79!!

You know, while I was looking back through my journal a few weeks ago I came to realize that you & I have known each other since I first came to LJ!! You were like, the third person on here to friend me back! it's been a super long time! Holy moly lol

anyhow, I guess it's not as important as the fact that we're still buddies :} I'm really grateful for all the informative posts you make and for replying to my often dumb comments to your journal (and twitter!). I hope your birthday was wonderful and brilliant. Thanks for being a friend :}

Happy Birthday!! ♥~
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Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday lovely Sonyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Happy Birthday to you!

Another year older :D I know you've been busy lately but I hope you're doing well <3 I'm glad I know you *hug* I hope your birthday is fantastic and that you were able to enjoy it fully! I love you <33333333!!! Happy Birthday 8}
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and you know it's true because I actually have a tag with 'july' lol it started off right too.

On the first, I received snail mail from halfway across the globe!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It's the Yara picture <333333 I seriously squee'd for a good hour. I'd place it into the envelope, then moments later take it back out, read the note again, hold the photo, lift the note to look at photo, hold some more, smiles :D!, take off note then stare longer 8DDDDD, put note back on, slide photo out of cute plastic holder thingie that is cute, grin 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, swear to myself because crap now I have a print at the top of the photo, *wipe wipe*, satisfied the offensive oils are gone I place it back into cute holder, then place it back into envelope.

Rinse and repeat.

Thank you so much for the mail ♥ I can never say thank you enough :}

not only that tomorrow is the fourth and I'll be hanging out all day getting sunburned and sipping on Capris Suns like a boss. then!! there's TORE! show and some other cool stuff that is not coming to mind... possible announcement of ending theme for Eito+Zenkai Girl(which I keep spelling as Genkai...), and my birthday!!! and another anniversary.. then July leads into August which is HOMG 24HRTV!!! \:D/ please tell me someone(s) will be recording D: and where are the promos, TV!!! it's like a little over a month away! I get they're not huge names & that it's following in the wake of a huge disaster that is still going on... Now that I've said it I can't be mad because really how can I be selfish about it? The earthquake and aftermath is always in the back of my mind. .____.)♥

oh, ryo drama poster sightings with ED=eito? ehhhh~ ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE!!! it's a big deal for Eito to get it XDDD!!!
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It came from across the waters~ look at it, it's so purdy..!!

Handmade with loving BaRyo touches <3 xDDD

Thank you for the card, Mir♥ It's a pleasure having you as a flaily pal too X}
oh, and to answer your question, they still do junideka but the people who post the show cut it out. Like douche bags xD but it's still there!


Apr. 11th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Got a letter today~

with Chrismas stickers!!

and inside were pictures!!! 8D

that were safely wrapped in cute plastic-like covers!!
Cool cellophane covers

Thank you :} I don't know what else to say, but thank you (T~T)
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Happy Birthday, Jenjen!
I am such a 'blonde' bitch- I'm late!!!
We haven't talked much lately D: but I think of you often. More like a lot- since I can't help but think of you when I think of Subaru XD I just saw your birthday post~ I'm glad you had a great time & were surrounded by good friends! Vampires huh... hmmm~ ;D

Hope this year is filled with more smiles and tasty stuff. God knows that tasty stuff is the best kind of stuff :D

Happy Birthday ♥ \:D/!
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Someone sent me a package XD

with goodies inside!!

Pics below )
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I got Balloons!

*strikes a 'YATTA!' pose*


Jul. 16th, 2009 10:07 pm
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Miss Tia, Happy Birthday~

I almost didn't make it..! I hope it was good ^^ your day, btw. July birthdays are the BEST.
Your posts are always interesting to read. I'm glad we met ^^

Happy Birthday :}
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The big Two Five.

Happy Birthday darling~ though a couple minutes late XD I'm glad we met so long ago (not that long XD). You're a joy to talk with. I was drawing you a picture... but I suck. So consider it in the works :}

I &hearts&hearts&hearts Sonya XD


Jul. 29th, 2007 05:16 pm
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Holy cow. 
I've finally joined! XD Squee~

Its all shiny and new. what am I to do with all of it!? too much too much at once! 

well, I guess I should start by saying HI!

everyone that I'm almost postivie of adding as a friend, lemme tell you why.

Been lurking on LJ for a few months and finally got the nerve to make an account. more than likely, i posted a comment on your post as an anon (sorry!) whether it was sharing pictures, videos, music, thoughts, or! you write fantastic fic.

i'm looking forward to making new friends and getting fangirly over things that others find foolish. 
i'm totally willing to look like a fool. i do it daily. ^^,


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