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Does anyone know where to find full episodes of SCP? I only ever see cuts now :/ Medium quality is fine.
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-but like hell I'm going there- if I can't join Twitter just think what that site would potentially do. :'<
Anyone know if ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ has been posting scans? I miss getting monthly eito mags that are at least 2000x2000. D:
You know me and my zoom in kanji reading.

I'm such a spoiled brat (。A。;;)

scanning Nikkei. Will have up tomorrows~ イエイ~
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I'm missing a few eito orisutas~



and then what is the date for this one?

I'm sure it's possible it could be one of the dates above.

I've tried.. let's see.. looking through google.. annnnd boys_paper and okuraband and somewhat of yokoclub... and tried vvshu... and motomimost and ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ ... no luck :( I won't be going to nihonmachi anytime soon so I'm kind of screwed. I guess if worse comes to worse, I'll ask at boys_paper. dunno if it'll help though.
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Are boards like this and this foreigner friendly? or like, Ell friendly? XDD okuraband looks like it is. I have no clue how to join yokoclub, though I assume it's the same way. Anyone whose already a member, wanna help me out a little? XD??
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Where these scans are from?

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Looking through my files, I do not have this. More like I'm sure I did but then my comp died long time ago and it was lost to oblivion. here's the link to the file in question. It's a translation. it's when hina, subaru, okura, did a drop in on shige kid's radio show to promote KJ2. it's hilarious. But I don't have it. any help is much appreciatededs. it was may 27th 2007, I think.
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How do I take things off of yt again? I remember I tried one program but it never worked for me. I want to snatch radio clips since I can't find them anywhere else to dl. A program for at least 9 minutes. Maybe I should search harder in boxes.
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in my search for finding subaru, hina, maru forums/con photos, I came across a couple of things I find needs to be posted.

can't believe I almost forgot the cut )

in any case. no luck :( I found a thread at XQ for yasu. with really nice people! but I have no clue how to find one for the other guys. kind of sucks major.


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