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is anyone able to nab this file, as every time I click to get it, it times out XDa

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I couldn't get Thunder to work for me at all!
Is anyone able to grab this file? or have it to share. I am unable to grab it.

it's 20120730-Q sama-锦户亮 村上.ts it's about 1.48gigs. any help would be fabulous! it's only avail for another 15hrs though >__<
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is anyone able to nab this file? I dl for hrs @ 2.6kb/s and then at the last moment it dies >:|
a re-up would really be appreciated!



Dec. 1st, 2011 07:19 pm
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okay I give up- any of you know what magazine this comes from? or date? anything?
Figured it out XDDD it IS from Only Star but it's from a date I don't have the scans for :(

It's from 2010_09_20
anyone have them for sharing? :}

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I am looking for help pleaaaase!

I need a re-up of the first batch for the 47 tour photobook's special booklet. You know, the one that has the jwebs and stuff in it? I went to [livejournal.com profile] agtoro's and all the links are dead. I know I should have it because .. I see my comment XD but I don't! if you have it, will you consider to re-up the file? I'd be most grateful!! it should have at least 18 pages in it...
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Then wear this Twibbon I worked super hard on for 45mins XD!!

Clicky and get it on your icon or something. Support 24Hour TV 2011 with my yellow box of awesome! ;D

We have over 70 supports right now!

You should support too~ ;D [shameless plug]


Nov. 11th, 2010 02:45 pm
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I am sending in a mascot for Subaru's radio program. I'm terrified XDDD Anyhow, I need a little assistance.

I'm writing everything in English but wanted two or three sentences in Japanese excusing myself for failure of not writing in Japanese XD

Here's roughly what I wanted to say-

-- For not writing in Japanese, I apologize. I hope you can understand my feelings behind this mascot, regardless of the language barrier. Please enjoy the drawing!

...or something like that. XDD After I send it in, I'll post up my crap image and you all can laugh and such, because nothing can be more embarrassing than the act of sending it in the first place lol

What it is? It's an elephant! and he's wearing a Letterman jacket that has 'Nack5' on the sleeve! and his trunk is holding a mic! XDD His name is- すばぞう! XDD Yeah I know, original lol しかし! it works on two levels~ one, zou, like elephant XD and two, like when a dude shouts, 'Iku~zou!! o(>v<)O!!' the 'zou' in subazou can be seen the same way... lol yeah whatever.

I couldn't think of anything else, OKAY!? 8D

anyhow, if you want to help with that first bit, please do. I would like to send it out today because I'm not sure if the radio show is pre-recorded or what and Japan is ahead of me by like 16-17 hrs.. any help would be appreciated!! Even if you need to rephrase the second sentence, I don't care just help me~

edit: for enchan, because she was kind enough to help. and because she wants to laugh at my drawing the most xD

If you can't see it, don't feel bad. I have it on filter for now. After my embarrassment wanes, everyone will get the change to guffaw. ♥
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[HDTV]20100727 -(ゲスト:新山千春).avi

[HDTV]20100720 -(ゲスト:松本明子).avi

[HDTV]20100713 -(ゲスト:岡田圭右).avi

[HDTV]20100629 -(ゲスト:博多華丸・大吉).avi

Thank you so much Mii-chan! I was finally able to watch. It was wonderful :}
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This is going to sound like total lunacy but I'm having issues with these pictures, and it happens randomly every now and then on other scans. I save them to my desktop or wherever and when I go to open them, they're squished! Like, thin bands of picture. So squished you can't even tell they're images at all, it's frustrating. I was trying to find where I originally got them since I seemed to have forgotten to tag them but I can't (cuz it's been a while) and so I can't ask the original uploader for new ones.. I must have gotten them from a photobucket, every time this happens, its from a photobucket.

so I uploaded them onto scrapbook, and tried to 'save' them again but they're still squished, even though in scrapbook they pop up just fine. freaking weird. any suggestions?
and just more food for thought, the rest of the big batch this came out of, are completely fine! I don't get it! So weird. *tired*

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I'm missing a few eito orisutas~



and then what is the date for this one?

I'm sure it's possible it could be one of the dates above.

I've tried.. let's see.. looking through google.. annnnd boys_paper and okuraband and somewhat of yokoclub... and tried vvshu... and motomimost and ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ ... no luck :( I won't be going to nihonmachi anytime soon so I'm kind of screwed. I guess if worse comes to worse, I'll ask at boys_paper. dunno if it'll help though.
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Aiba's appearance on hanamaru cafe.. anyone have that?
the blog has it but there's a pw to get to the link... and then I can't even use the dl places anyway.. but apparently it's shareable!.. anyone have it? XDD

..the dumb blonde got it...
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I have not seen Hina's calendar corner for TV Guide anywhere. Does anyone have it? Should be #5 in the series, week 100220-26 I believe. Google isn't my friend right now.
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Where these scans are from?

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I am a member to a few really good graphic peoples but they don't have requests open..?
So I try here XDD

I know someone wants to make me a userpic- with the pudding that's in the pink box.. with 'Nishikido Ryo' underneath it in some nice lettering or in some form, for me XDD go to town with it! have fun with coloring or non-coloring.. instead of his full name put like, 'Ryo' or 'Nishiyan' or 'Purinkido Ryo' I dunno. lol please?
I could just crop and make one but then I'd have those bit of pink letters on the side and I could never get the font right for the name... I have no skills to make it look classy lol so I request?

I love the movie poster btw. freaking cute.
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I have spent way too long to figure out what magazine this and a few others are from. I'm finished. lol

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Is soraloll or however you spell it, part of a community that you have to gain access to before you can dl certain files from the box? I've been trying to track down high quality performances of Eight's, one of which is the MSSL 2007 performance of ZOM[theres is an mpeg-ts (396mb)]. But I can't dl it because.... I guess I don't have access to it, even though I joined the box.
ah it says 'private collection'.

... /sadface

and if I had to do stuff in a separate community my membership to the box is short lived XDD

Anyhow, if all else fails, I'll ask at Eden. Maybe someone there has them because Jpopsuki has dead torrents for certain files. Here's a short list (will probably be growning) of what I'm hunting XDD
(with sort-of examples)

[MS_SL2007/07.12.21] Kanjani8 perf+talk
2008-03-15 Wahhahaa [Nippon no Uta].avi
*Most files were of 'cashmere' quality

actually, any really, really nice .ts or hd-mpeg performances between 2007 and August of 2008. This was around the time my computer died and I had lost a few files, which probably housed that which I am looking for now D:
I've currently checked Eden for files of these kinds. I didn't run across any, at least by tag. If you know of some pleeeeese link me!

I'll update this probably... oooo maybe I'll just make a uhm.. you know, what are those posts called..? a sticky post? lol anyhow. Any help would be most valuable.
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How do I take things off of yt again? I remember I tried one program but it never worked for me. I want to snatch radio clips since I can't find them anywhere else to dl. A program for at least 9 minutes. Maybe I should search harder in boxes.
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If anyone can help me seed a Cartoon KAT-TUN batch file on jpopsuki, that'd be awesome~ it's eps 85-89, the standard WS avi files. any help is appreciated!!


janiben #64

Aug. 7th, 2008 12:03 am
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I have a favor to ask of someone. I'd ask at Eden but. I don't know, feels kind of foolish. >__<

I would like to ask if someone can dl a file for me off of CB. it seems my new OS for my comp doesn't like CB and it reboots my computer D: I don't think I can us it anymore! I have the dl link for the file @ CB. will someone be willing to dl it for me and then up it at MU or MF or anywhere for that matter. I'd really appreciate it <3
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because I'm stupid..
I deleted the scans I had found for the past two calendars of kanjani8. they were pretty good too. I know [livejournal.com profile] debbie_chan has the community for translating the calendars, but I'm looking for the original scans. I'm having trouble finding them. help me please! I really don't want to post on the k8 community. hate posting stupid things like that. especially since its my own stupid fault. >.<*


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