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and you know it's true because I actually have a tag with 'july' lol it started off right too.

On the first, I received snail mail from halfway across the globe!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It's the Yara picture <333333 I seriously squee'd for a good hour. I'd place it into the envelope, then moments later take it back out, read the note again, hold the photo, lift the note to look at photo, hold some more, smiles :D!, take off note then stare longer 8DDDDD, put note back on, slide photo out of cute plastic holder thingie that is cute, grin 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, swear to myself because crap now I have a print at the top of the photo, *wipe wipe*, satisfied the offensive oils are gone I place it back into cute holder, then place it back into envelope.

Rinse and repeat.

Thank you so much for the mail ♥ I can never say thank you enough :}

not only that tomorrow is the fourth and I'll be hanging out all day getting sunburned and sipping on Capris Suns like a boss. then!! there's TORE! show and some other cool stuff that is not coming to mind... possible announcement of ending theme for Eito+Zenkai Girl(which I keep spelling as Genkai...), and my birthday!!! and another anniversary.. then July leads into August which is HOMG 24HRTV!!! \:D/ please tell me someone(s) will be recording D: and where are the promos, TV!!! it's like a little over a month away! I get they're not huge names & that it's following in the wake of a huge disaster that is still going on... Now that I've said it I can't be mad because really how can I be selfish about it? The earthquake and aftermath is always in the back of my mind. .____.)♥

oh, ryo drama poster sightings with ED=eito? ehhhh~ ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE!!! it's a big deal for Eito to get it XDDD!!!


Apr. 11th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Got a letter today~

with Chrismas stickers!!

and inside were pictures!!! 8D

that were safely wrapped in cute plastic-like covers!!
Cool cellophane covers

Thank you :} I don't know what else to say, but thank you (T~T)
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Looking through johnnys calendar from 2001-2002

some veteraaaaaan I think a M.A.D. member.. or could have been lol
mainly though, it was for bunbun and fujigaya XD *pokepoke*

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The one cap that has me laughing even now.

Hina was on that platform before it was all the way out. Before anyone even thought to move.
Subaru looks lost lol
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It's cold in my house~ Winter is coming D:!!!!


ミヤネさん needs to like, stop responding to everyone and their moms and invite eito on for some promos! damnit!

Visited Takichan tonight. I forget to every Friday so I've missed like.. half? Anyhow. Is this channel only for the 'popular' juniors or what. Every time I watch it seems to be either kis-my-ft2 or abc-z group. ah! I did catch uhm.. Yuma's buddies. otherwise, same damn people!!

I also forgot that T&T are doing a mini tour thingie! I watched the family club free video of them (where's muh playzone DVD Kielbasa!!) and thought they were dorks. Also watched Veteran's video. Had a giggle at Bun's expense. Also at Maashi, since he missed his own group title call!! wtf lol

Real reason for the post is because while watching for the bazillionth time, Fujigayayaya and Kawaiiiiiiii on Takichan, they promo'd Takki's DVD thingie and I noticed English! Understandable English!!

Too bad the meaning of 'buying overseas' means 'shipping charges raping your most sensitive of areas'.

That's it. また来週。

Yuki butt

Aug. 21st, 2010 04:47 pm
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if you get the chance to look through 'Look at STAR' September because there's a section for SHOCK and lol poor Uchi, he just looks so exhausted in every picture!
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Hilarious. 'clothes' from all three movies too. Anyone else find this amusing? Even more so that Hamachan is Doc? XDDDD

Doc, we better back up. We don't have enough road to get up to 88.
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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I was looking through some thumbnails @ enchan's trying to find Yaracchi's bday and couldn't make out some of the group names. I thought well I'll just click this one, see who it is.

It wasn't Yara but this guy. It's destiny~ ;D

I can't remember how to link without underlines.. D:
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Yeah. I just read through KATTUN comm. I'm not a fan but I feel for them. Uchi aside, since there was no choice, I think I'd flip out if anyone left from my group.

God speed Jin, good luck because you're going to need it.
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I remember thinking this when it first started happening but then never went any further than a 'huh' but then I thought maybe they don't do that corner anymore? Then I saw a slight tidbit of the beginning on one of the files I watched and was like ah! It's still around! I got to say I'm kind of bummed that all the Janiben sources now cut out the Juniben section. I mean yeah sometimes they were kind of boring but I liked seeing them and thought it was great エイト had a section on their long running show in which to pimp them out. I miss Juniben :( I wish they'd keep it in.
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I can't say if all of you know how I like the Kansai Jrs. known as Veteran. Well I do, and they did a four episode drama, as part of a series Dramatic-J, called Vacation. The main character was Ito Masashi of Veteran, with the other three as support characters. Yes there are more than four members in Veteran (there's like, 6) but for the sake of this post, there are only four. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Also, I happen to be quite taken with the one called Ito Masashi.

This is a post about the offshots of the drama from the Dramatic-J DVD. There will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary behind the cut. Yes, there will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary.


You have been warned. Twice.

Making of! )

It's breezy, in the town with no Ito's )
This has become a post about my favorite. oops? ;D

there are others! *looks through caps*
ah! )

lol Well, I'll fit him here with the cute reminiscing group shots.


Thanks for reading through my post! if you got this far LOL.
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Apparently there's a movement to mail about wanting エイト to be 8 people again. I had fun figuring it out with my handy dandy notebook. Deadline a week after the release of Puzzle so, the 22ed? of this month. There are guidelines and stuff.


Hiroki Battle!
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My family is )


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