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lol.. it's been so long since I've last posted, that this updated posting.. thing is new and weird D:! ah well, it's not that bad xDD

Anyhoo! I've listened to the music and woo! Who woulda thought Kanjani8 would continue to surprise me XD I have nothing new to add to the discussion of music as I suck. I'm no music buff and almost all the lyrics I cannot understand. However feel free to read my thoughts and then laugh in the comments at my plebeian feelings on each song! \:D/!

Spoilers will be prevalent after the cut~

Osaka My Balls will start us off! )

so those are my mess of feelings and thoughts for the songs. I overall enjoyed the album. It's pretty strong. Everyone that is going to the concerts this winter.. have a lot of fun, okay!! I hope you all go to more than one concert! So you can freak out at one, then thoroughly enjoy the next :} One day I will be there, too!
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I'm only borrowing this preview from ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ because of the second row first column picture- Look at the widdle guy! xDD He's so tiny..! and that one close-up of his face. He's looking tired + too skinny! Maybe the darker complexion highlights the exhaustion? Maybe it's just not a very good image lol

Then now, covers of LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~!!!
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TYPE A (Limited Edition A comes with a bonus DVD including a music video and making-of video.)

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp

TYPE B (Limited Edition B comes with a bonus DVD with special footage "Prologue of Patch #5-8.")

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp

REGULAR (FIRST PRESS) (First Press comes with making-of photo booklet.)

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp

Limited editions and the regular edition feature different artworks.

ALL UP Except Yesasia. Only cuz I don't like that site :/

>___< !!!

Jul. 3rd, 2010 02:42 pm
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yesterday. lol I was gone all day and by the time I returned home and saw them I was SUPER EXCITED but tired. So I stared at them in tired EXCITEDNESS and didn't open them until this morning lol

Here's the thing, I could have sworn I saw scans for these things and I can't find them anywhere! frustrating! I can't even think of the Japanese word for frustrating lol

Either way, if I can't find them in the next hr... scan I am.

this remix is longer than a mofo!

edit 11 minutes later: FUCK IT, I'll just scan them!

edit like, 45 mins later: Scaaaanned. Now I have a image for my Zune XD
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kind of. it's about the covers so... don't look!! Crossed out just in case xDD

Oh. My gosh.

The single cover does have a bus on it. LOL not only that cover B has a creepy dude shadow! lol it seriously creeped me out. reg cover looks cute~ I can't really tell since it's so small.. hopefully CDTV will be out in a few hrs to dl juuust for those couple moments they show them on TV ;DD I like cover A too. it's.. calming. I wonder now though! If the DVD is of them traveling along in this bus doing cleanup work lol

Couldn't help it, had to add it xDD )
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come to think of it, does anyone have the opening song to Shounen Club Premium?
it's Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
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It's really bad video, like it was taken on an old cellphone or something but it's hilarious.
If you make it through the first minute, thats where the fun begins. Especially when the guy in the red shirt joins in. Red Shirt and Black Shirt are really into it. During the chorus they all gather and do the dance together. 2:30 mark is good too.
Anyhow, that is what I'm up to now, exploring youtube.

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Okay, so I lied. I don't have all of room 0 yet- missing the last episode. BUT! almost there! XDD
also seems the last episode includes two parts so 21 episodes instead of 22. Oops on my part again! XDD

Saw the cm for the DVD next week. EXCITED!!! Getting a peek at it all. I'm kind of thrilled they showed everyone jumping at midnight XDD and that one of the parts was Maru gliding to the stage XDDD but what made my heart stop was Osaka Romanesque. Can't be helped :}

One more episode of Kanpani and then new show in the morning~ I hope it goes well! Also their new prime time show(they're just regular guests but whatever! PRIME TIME SHOW 0__0v) and then the other show.. that I can't think of. God help me if those are shared. I'd be beside myself lol

Noticed the day of Spring LJ finally changed the top bar. It's all green and leafy!

uhm.. what else.. oh, Wondercon in San Francisco is next week. Guess I'm going Fri/Sat. Peter Beagle is gunna be there *squee* I wonder if I'll be able to get my shirt done in time...
Then the following weekend is Cherry Blossom Festival at Nihonmachi in S.F. I dunno if I'll be able to make it to that one D: I want to though! I want to hear music again.. ^^,


also while watching puipui on YT near the end of the interview I swear I hear Yoko's high pitched giggle in the background. It's probably just me XD and I can't nab it from the site either. Need to find a new program.
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Order Update: We Shipped Your Order Today

Thank you, and we look forward to the
opportunity to serve you again.

YESSSSSSSSSS. Yes. Yes you will serve me. On your knees XDD

Gah I'm hoping for a 26th delivery. I've already been spoiled 白's cover!! Though, I pretty much figured it out from the CMs they did XD But still!! I don't wanna be ruined for the other ones DDD: Maybe I should take BP off my flist for now...

omg excitededs!!!
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∞ If you lay the three CDs open, they can be linked together to form something!

It better be a picture of Hiroki.. LOL.

Made me laugh out loud. Cindi is definitely one of my favorites.

39 minutes into レコメン and Hina does this hugely long title about special week lol
The first recomen boys chick was a Hina fan and she was all "HAI?!" to one of Yoko's questions. Cute and it made Hina laugh XD
Also, Yoko was hilarious with talking about the CDs earlier on, messing up on reading. He thanked Hina for the corrections XDD
edit: TWISTER!! I guess they're asking listeners for ideas on what to do when Subaru and Ryo come to visit. Girl said Twister lol I'd pay to see that mess.
edit: lol sounds like they're going to do Twister next week XD
also, ending letters listeners mentioned Heyx3 Yokoyama-kai<3 and Arashi's Dome MC about Countdown. Hina said it was just lip service ROFL.
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Guys, The Muppets did a rendetion of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. I am dying..
Animal and then Beaker!!! *dies* I'm a fan of them and this, too awesome..

Omg, the 'mana-mana' dude!! Miss Piggy can be served for the holidays.. lol
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I'm kind of not liking the new song. lol Saying it was 'rock', not quite. They really like giving them big band songs.
*listens again*
..yeaaah... Still not feeling it >__>;

Maybe I'll like it... later. When I see the PV.
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arrrrgh just saw info on the single.. I'm going to end up buying two, if not all three of them. D: one has DVD for 急☆上☆Show!!, the second has DVD for ひとつのうた, and the third has 4 songs- the two mentioned before PLUS two new ones Brilliant Blue and cinematic. 14, 14, 10 respectively. 40 bucks total if I get all three..
Three versions?? lol I can wait on the third- unless it's a first press! Seriously.. taking my monies..! ♥

edit: it also looks like A and B have separate 12 pg booklets!! omg whyyyyyy I don't know whether to be happy or sad that my money is leaving me again.
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Went to my local kino yesterday. Was a bust. Didn't have the two mags I was looking for :(
I did however buy tv station and look at star that has an interview with yasu and kazapon for kagotsurube-whatevers. Then Today I got my two cds I've been waiting for. fun fun times.

God let me have the money for the DVD *prays*


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