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I wonder if he's wishing for some mayonnaise right about now~ *whimsy*

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there are others but... I WANT THAT ONE FIRST.
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Nishikido Ryo.

Riding dinosaurs since he was 8.

C: leslie27@sina
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In part to stay away from the Foreward of Scrap and Existence making of dls, I give you a goofy Ryo scap from Joker, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] nishikii xD

I was waiting to dl Joker in hopes HQ vid would pop up but I have not seen any. So. Dl I will, watch I will, and ignore the goodies that are too many days early for my own health.. I will try my best xD
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I'm only borrowing this preview from ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ because of the second row first column picture- Look at the widdle guy! xDD He's so tiny..! and that one close-up of his face. He's looking tired + too skinny! Maybe the darker complexion highlights the exhaustion? Maybe it's just not a very good image lol

Then now, covers of LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~!!!

:D *edit*

Jul. 21st, 2010 12:05 am
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[HDTV]20100718 - お笑いワイドショー マルコポロリ! 錦戶亮
[HDTV]20100717 - チューボーですよ! 大倉忠義

anyone grabbing these from ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪? and they're both avi xD which is easily played~
if it was 115 I could have.. .:( damn rayfile!!

well, NM THEN! xDDD all taken care of. rf links here anyhow, just credit ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪/sakuraishobaby
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I am a member to a few really good graphic peoples but they don't have requests open..?
So I try here XDD

I know someone wants to make me a userpic- with the pudding that's in the pink box.. with 'Nishikido Ryo' underneath it in some nice lettering or in some form, for me XDD go to town with it! have fun with coloring or non-coloring.. instead of his full name put like, 'Ryo' or 'Nishiyan' or 'Purinkido Ryo' I dunno. lol please?
I could just crop and make one but then I'd have those bit of pink letters on the side and I could never get the font right for the name... I have no skills to make it look classy lol so I request?

I love the movie poster btw. freaking cute.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 12:06 am
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sooo that means Ryo is doing his little musical session with Taichi by himself? Like what he asked in his interview? Interesting~ I didn't hear/read anyone say that about the upcoming episode... unless I'm mistaken?
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Ryo's had a few infamous hair debacles wherein he went blond twice. He's since sworn to his uncle (on his deathbed no less) that he won't be dyeing his hair anymore. Thank you God!

when did this happen?? Sorry, reading a 'pimp' post for the hell of it and read that. What is this from?? if you're going to be saying stuff like that then point me in the direction!!

breaking a fan girl's heart. I WANT HIM BLOND AGAIN DAMNIT. Lion hair.. ahhh those were the days..
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I'm not cutting it. sorry. scroll past :P

I just finished watching ep 8 of OnI. NO SURPRISES THERE! Though the last episode.. very much interested! How's it going to wrap up. gah I wish it was 10 episodes still. I think this episode is one of my favorites. I'm glad I'm enjoying this drama like I hoped I would. Though like I said earlier, there was about, maybe one 'Oh, really?' moment in this episode. Other than that, I already guessed like.. 6, 7 episodes back. lol nice to know it was verified though. Got to love American writers lol
and pssssh.. that samawara/sawamura whatever dude, thinking he's Hercules. whatever loser. If anyone is Hercules it's Hasebe!
How's it going to end!!??? O__________O

Ryosuke totally grabbed Ryuzaki's butt during the hot scuffle of love.


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