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Ell: *munches on a cookie. it is delish*
Ell: OMG Takki could use that as a lyric!
Athu: He already has! Taste me, honey~ Eat me, honey~ XD
Ell: b-but that's honey, this is cookie XD I can't imagine Subaru, even as big of a troll he is, would sing about eating cookie X'D
Athu: ...dlksjfj now I want Subaru to write an epic rock ballad & to announce a month later that it was about a cookie XDDDDD
Ell: snort XDDD and everyone during that month will be like, HE SO HAS A GF! yup. a sweet one xD
Athu: "He has a gf!! NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE INSPIRED HIM SO MUCH D:" "I do! She's a cookie!" "So sweet!" "Exactly 8D /trololol"

Ell: Next fic meme!! I'm asking for Subaru/cookie. Subaru falls so deep in love, he writes a rock ballad for his favorite- choco chip xD
Like, he gets a batch of cookies from Taeko's neighbor best friend & he eats them all so quickly that he has one left- that he falls for.
and can never eat! because then it'd be the end of their ~love~ and Hina finds out about the cookie safely wrapped in Saran Wrap & yells-
like he does. & Baru gives The Stare O__O
"Our love is more than just the tasty Toll House Morsels!" and he writes the song to some awesome rock chords *by yasu*
and it goes on for a month! fangirls everywhere freakout because 'Subaru has a gf OHEMGEE'
but their love affair ends on a sour note- He makes the mistake of leaving it in his bag during rehearsals. Ryo leaving a stash of enoki-
finds the cookie. and eats it. Subaru mourns. He writes a new song- it's a ballad of sweetness lost.
And it'll be called, Not Even a Crumb Remained

wtf why even leave it in the meme. I've just written it.
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I think.. I think it's about time for a new default icon.

I have so many to chose from I dunno what to use!!!

No one really has anything going on right now.
Maybe I should just choose one of my other icons, then find a Maru to replace the gap. I have no Maru icons.. or Kurara!! D: or Yasu come to think of it.. lol I suck! Maybe I have one that has all three in it.

I dunno (>___<) and I still only have credit on nishipurin as anon-san. I feel bad!!



Apr. 11th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Got a letter today~

with Chrismas stickers!!

and inside were pictures!!! 8D

that were safely wrapped in cute plastic-like covers!!
Cool cellophane covers

Thank you :} I don't know what else to say, but thank you (T~T)
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Miss Uni

Aug. 24th, 2010 01:52 am
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Look at that hot latin mama strut her stuff in red from head to toe.
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I have just seen Inception. It was awesome. I will own this movie when it comes out on Blu-ray/DVD combo.

It reminded me of a Piers Antony book Faun and Games, which I also liked. I guess I enjoy story lines that dwell deeper inside itself.

Totally buying the Blu-ray/DVD combo.
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ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ has SCP with Takki/Yara, eito, V6 up. *shakes fist at rayfile*
I know Janiben is skipping a day, but is Map too? I don't know why but it feels like forever since I saw it.

KANPANI!!! Dunno, just felt like it. XD

I just watched one of the funniest South Parks ever. I watched another funny one just a few days ago, they're on a roll! The episodes were probably old but one was about Pokemon (omg hilarious- 'You have very big penis. Our small, little Japanese penis can never be as great and big as your American penis.'), and the one I watched tonight was about weapons and them playing ninjas. I choked on my drink when they had a theme song and the lyrics were on the screen. God, I don't like South Park too much but sometimes they make the most hilarious things, Like the World of Warcraft episode. Classic.

ah, hell might as well continue-

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These are all things I've been meaning to post about really lame stuff btw but never got around to. These images below have been on my desktop for weeks if not months! I want to change my desktop now and to do that, need to make it 'clean'.

weirdness behind fake cut )

Please feel free to skip. Really. Night!
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First off, I hear Jelly Bellies are making a new flavor- honey bean. yum-o. XD

secondly Neil Patrick Harris will be starring in the Smurfs movie. For one thing, there's going to be a Smurf movie!? lol though I vaguely recall such news. Secondly .. a SMURF MOVIE!? XDDDD

Thirdly MY CALENDAR!!!!!!!!! it's shipped XDDD EIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHH-TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! *suba battle cry*

uhm lastly, which isn't too exciting but pretty dumb on my part- I took too long to grab some MU links a friend so kindly sent me, and they're gone! I am so sadfaced it's not even funny. :(
I know we're getting a DVD of it but still, fancams are awesome! I really need to get on the ball with grabbing things when they're presented to me.
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On Friday I baked a special cake for The Man and decorated it horribly. I figured he'd get a kick out of it. Which he did on Saturday when we met up to spend Valentine's together. woot.

But I'll get to that in a second. first, Friday again.

Friday morning I got a package from Tokyo~

with goodies!! )

Totally awesomes. I just really want the pamphlets!!
and maybe group pictures XD
...and the ranger poster.


So I then made the cake... and then bummed around with the grandparents.. and then! Saturday came and I decorated the cake. Weird? Well I didn't bake until after 7PM and figured it'd be cooled enough to frost and such the next day. Which it was!

Behind here because it all enjoys lovey dovey crap )

after that, I slept over, woke up, said Happy Valentine's Day!, had tasty lunch, then he gave me my gift and card ^^, the card I left at his house though D:


He told me a story about when he went to buy it and it was funny to me but it's too much writing. and it would probably make Poochy sound like an self-important ass but whatever. Anyhow, I love it and he got me a bracelet that's fancy enough to start convos with but simple enough to wear whenever. Like I said, love it!

I had gotten him a card too, but I made it myself. It was pretty corny. He's showcasing it on his work desk *facepalm*

That's it. Oh, and he had a cold the entire time and I think it was made worse because we were out doing stuff but he was whiny about it so we did our plans anyhow. Made me feel bad though :P

oh wait! no, there's more. When I returned home I had some goodies waiting for me from my mom! She got me a card with Cupid being electrocuted by some phone lines and a box of my favorite See's candies XDDDDD I'm loved.

gifts gifts
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I can't say if all of you know how I like the Kansai Jrs. known as Veteran. Well I do, and they did a four episode drama, as part of a series Dramatic-J, called Vacation. The main character was Ito Masashi of Veteran, with the other three as support characters. Yes there are more than four members in Veteran (there's like, 6) but for the sake of this post, there are only four. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Also, I happen to be quite taken with the one called Ito Masashi.

This is a post about the offshots of the drama from the Dramatic-J DVD. There will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary behind the cut. Yes, there will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary.


You have been warned. Twice.

Making of! )

It's breezy, in the town with no Ito's )
This has become a post about my favorite. oops? ;D

there are others! *looks through caps*
ah! )

lol Well, I'll fit him here with the cute reminiscing group shots.


Thanks for reading through my post! if you got this far LOL.
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'Eito in the skyyyyyyyyyyy
They can go twice as hiiiiiiiiiiigh....

I am bo-ooooooored~

California is going through some mini-storms this week. Rains pretty hard for a few hours and then kind of clears, and then rains hard again. This is to continue through the week. Here is a rainbow, from my kitchen window, through a break in the storm. Scary Yoko clouds in the background XD


Mar. 6th, 2009 07:37 pm
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Because I like my PS3 &hearts

The kid's laugh at the end is so cute.
I don't even like Yakuza game )
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If you know me well, you'll know that my favorite of favorites when it comes to things to like, is the mythological creature, Phoenix. I love it long time XD

This past weekend I went with my boyfriend and his college pals to San Francisco for 日本町 to eat and to shop (which btw a new Sanrio has opened and being dumb, I bought a little handbag of Chococat for like 8 bucks cuz it was on sale XD. I'll probably never use it LOL).
Anyhow, there's a figurine/toy shop nearby and we went it. First off my bf pulled me to the side and pointed to a shelf-

story and pictures below )
It's a loooong post! hehehhehhe for me anyways.

Okay I'm done. 8Dv


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