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So this is happening.


Maru. Oh precious, precious Maru. Who knew, really, what you would be doing this year. Did you know? Did you know you'd be playing a virgin pervert(ie. tons of porn), and have to promote said drama naked except for a dozen roses?

Draw him like one of your french girls. Oh yes.

If they have a scene where he blushes and then there's like a shoujo moment of sparkly nakedness with red petals floating amongst the glitter and then a 'iyaaah~!' soundtrack.. I think I'll die.

anyhow. Maru. new dramallama. July hajimeyostuff. late night 60mins. oh, and his love interest is once again, Taira Airi. I bet they're seeing each other >_> *dons sailor hat*

ps. I only made this post really so that I could have the bouquet ala maru on my journal. everything else is really just filler. 8}
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There's a new archive community and it's just for Kanjani8-centric fic.

[livejournal.com profile] k8_library!!!

it's pretty awesome~~ no actual fic is hosted there though. It's just a way for people who want to read something in particular (a pairing or drama based or maybe something to ease your mood) to be able to find it! It has all kinds of fic there all ready for you to click and read x}

If you're a writer and we somehow missed yours, feel free to let us know here! There's probably a lot of public fic we missed. Also, if you see your fic there and you don't want it to be, makes me sad! HOWEVER!!! LET US KNOW. We'll quickly remove it. <3
ALSO ALSO- if you'd like to add a summary to your fic listing... that'd be great x} it'll help people find your fic to read!

So! Check it out~~ XDD I kinda helped.
A little >__> and by little I mean I just cheered and read things over. .___.)

anyhow, take a look see, read some fic, leave some comments! and if you can think of ways to improve or things we may have missed, please let us know :}
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To be honest, I don't enjoy too much NEWS music. Their new song though is irritatingly catchy. It must be the salsa bass line. The PV is cute too. You all see the bouncy bunny/squirrel. It's ridiculous. I'd make caps but WMP never works for me.

okay I lie. I have Nero )

I've had the damn PV on repeat since it finished dling. Does anyone have a HQ of it? I have the 140mb of it.

P.S. I secretly wanted one of the gifts to fall onto Ryo's cheesy grin.


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