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lol.. it's been so long since I've last posted, that this updated posting.. thing is new and weird D:! ah well, it's not that bad xDD

Anyhoo! I've listened to the music and woo! Who woulda thought Kanjani8 would continue to surprise me XD I have nothing new to add to the discussion of music as I suck. I'm no music buff and almost all the lyrics I cannot understand. However feel free to read my thoughts and then laugh in the comments at my plebeian feelings on each song! \:D/!

Spoilers will be prevalent after the cut~

Osaka My Balls will start us off! )

so those are my mess of feelings and thoughts for the songs. I overall enjoyed the album. It's pretty strong. Everyone that is going to the concerts this winter.. have a lot of fun, okay!! I hope you all go to more than one concert! So you can freak out at one, then thoroughly enjoy the next :} One day I will be there, too!
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Click! Make a thread! Spread the love~~ :}



besides that, Since Tuesday I've been battling this sinus.. thing and it seems to have gotten better but only that instead of being stuffy, slightly congested and unable to breathe through my nose, I can now breathe through my nose and everything is runny D: and I'm a little sneezy now. and still congested XD
which I suppose means it's getting better? it's clearing itself out in a way? but really, the color of my mucus has run the gambit from pale yellow to bright yellow then darker and now it's like, a thin pale green. 8|

I don't feel sick or anything! So I don't know. If it continues to play color spectrum and I don't get better by the end of the week, doctor time!


I've finally getting around to finishing those scans I promised last yr. cuz I suck. and didn't finish them super fast like I normally would. I'm pretty sure I remember the two people that chose the magazines, but not sure. XDa I don't even remember what month I asked people to choose lol so I can't even look back. OH MAN. anyhow.

That's all!
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okay. so I'm a day or more late but it's my feelings that count, right? :D

it's been a while everyone \D:/
I miss you all \D:/!!

I miss talking with you and sharing dumb pictures and commenting until it warps my layout and





uugh tummy... )

oh, and before I forget- CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! You haz license! <3
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I always feel like a weirdo posting one of these. Which is why I never do because I have this fear that no one will comment. BUT.

Holiday Love Meme, Secret Santa Style!
my thread

might as well face the fear x}

EDIT: it seems the first link has gotten full. Since I'm sure everyone that has wanted to comment already has, I won't be making a new thread. However, I believe I have anon msg open on this post. so if you want but haven't yet, just msg below? :}
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So, things happened and I can't get the album. I've been trying to count my pennies in hopes that I don't have to cancel my FIGHT album order but it looks like I'm going to have to. I just don't have the money to spare D: and it looks like the exchange rate will not change for the better any time soon. I'm pretty screwed. I'm really, really sad right now lol it's pretty embarrassing. But considering I haven't missed a release since 2007 I think I can let myself be depressed for missing this one.
I'll have dls and stuff.. and pictures from fans who got it. I won't have it in my hands though and it's really depressing me XD I probably won't be able to even think of purchasing it until at least January- I can't even buy the Marching J video, if they're even still available- so I'm hoping!! hoping, that they all don't sell out. If they do, it'll be the first press regular *pines* and the limited B edition *omg my Subaru one-eyeliner fantastic. Pig!girl will be most devastated*
and don't even get me started about the upcoming con goods. the shirt, cap, pamphlet I will not be getting ;_____; I really wanted those lol especially the hat!!!

thinking about all this is giving me watery eyes XD

At this rate I may not make it to 8th Year Awesome. Which bums me out above all things. I'll light some incense for myself, chant incantations of money. Invoke the spirit of POSITIVE KIBUN. For all I know ,maybe this will help save for their 8th year. That I'll be able to go if/when they do the awesome we're all expecting. They've hinted at it long enough. I really want to be there! with everyone. .___.) show you all how annoying I really am XD and you can have me going \8D/! in the REAL LIFE. You all have permission to take pictures for posterity.

Least I have the mental image of Yara headbutting an aquarium tank to make me feel a little better.

That is all.
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I just finished watching the third episode of The Walking Dead and all I gotta say is I knew it. Knew it! I believe he thought Rick was dead but that does not excuse the rest of his ass. They were slow, but they could have made it. BS man. I don't care D: Shane just killed a man to save his own ass! and HE was the one hurt! wtf.. whatever. I love this show. and don't even get me started on the Lori, Rick's wife. Don't even get me started lol I love this show because I just about dislike everyone. Almost.

I did watch the second episode of Once Upon a Time. Still love it.I like how it does the flashbacks and all the symbols from the fairy tales. I enjoy it, I don't care.
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I think.. I think it's about time for a new default icon.

I have so many to chose from I dunno what to use!!!

No one really has anything going on right now.
Maybe I should just choose one of my other icons, then find a Maru to replace the gap. I have no Maru icons.. or Kurara!! D: or Yasu come to think of it.. lol I suck! Maybe I have one that has all three in it.

I dunno (>___<) and I still only have credit on nishipurin as anon-san. I feel bad!!

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last night I had a dream where I exited my childhood home and into the backyard where Yara and co. were practicing for PLAYZONE. xD He comes over and we exchange greetings and I'm all well I have to go do this mission of something-I-can't-remember and Yara is all oh.. okay 8D, good to see you and all that mess and then before I walk away he grabs for a hug so it becomes one of those awkward quick hugs but then dude kisses me!! not like, peck or nothing but straight up 'you may die so I'm kissing you senseless' kind of kiss. I was so shocked from this it woke me up LOL
It seriously woke me up XD I remember thinking as it was happening, the kiss, that my bf was going to be so mad! lol I was so shocked that Yara did that, it woke me up. x'DD his first dream appearance too! or at least first time remembering he was in it.

anyhow, just wanted to share XD
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Spoilers below~ more like my reactions. don't read if you don't want the spoilers~


∞ maru wrote down a difficult kanji for him (?) apparently, it's super easy lol
∞ it's okay though maru because I sure as hell don't recognize it XD
∞ then the villagers laugh XDDD
∞ Hina's reaction was the best lol at least ryo just kinda smiled..
∞ I'll just imagine Hina said something positive
∞ here it is..!! ... bitchin!!
∞ lol Maru's face. I love Maru.
∞ omg they get stickers... LOL
∞ .. subaru, they're showing you a lot. >_> bad omen.


∞ lol subaru's next.
∞ Shimizu-san (announcer right?), he looks on the verge of cracking up.
∞ Kanji specialist dude looks bored. Stop judging my idols!
∞ oh! his favorite kanji~
∞ omg Subaru~~~ ♥!!!!
∞ LOL... Subaru's face. Ryo called it
∞ wtf said it's right but it's really wrong lol
∞ awwwww... baru D:
∞ Marubutt~
∞ OMG what are they doing!??? are they serious????
∞ I don't even know what to say... lol
∞ right, yoko? I'm gunna agree with what you said because I think I picked up the nuance XD
∞ Maru's trying not to laugh... baru was in shock..


∞ Hina would not fail, of course
∞ poor baru!!
∞ that was quick XD


∞ lol... whatever Yoko's thing was.. elementary kids like that also?
∞ Hina XDDD
∞ Subaru will be forever alone I bet lol stop making him look worse, Shiwake!
∞ good lord Subaru could your legs be any wider??
∞ go Yoko go! yay!! I like when they get it right the dude gets all smiley
∞ hahhaha wtf Yoko such a grown up 'yokatta'

Maru looks like he wants to comfort baru sooooo bad


∞ then it's Ryo turn.
∞ hecka short. I wish you had failed.

∞ okay not really but it would have been funny.


∞ kuraaaaa
∞ sekaaaaaai
∞ they don't look happy at all they're getting these right lol


∞ yasu turn~
∞ lol they counted how many times he got stuff wrong LOL
∞ I want to say Shimizu-san is a punkhead. <3
∞ egao no eh XD
∞ I remember learning about how the kanji was born~ such a nice kanji...
∞ banana???!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
∞ LOL only yasu right.
∞ ah I've seen this Kanji before.
∞ lol Subaru leaning to look at it.
∞ such a face, yasu XDD
∞ sekaaaaaai~
∞ sugoi??

awww it was the first time he heard of the kanji.. I wonder how he's feeling :( Hina~
D: his face, it's so depressing...
and his face when he didn't get it and he stared so hard.. like he didn't wanna cry..! though I'm just putting my own feelings in that because I would have done the same, to stop the tears of embarrassment XDD though I think he saw Maru & started to smile.. makes me feel better- for two seconds >_>

well this wasn't fun at all lol I mean even with the others getting it right, they just didn't look happy D: this episode was sad D: and out of everyone I totally thought Yoko would fail.. lol
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Today I was sitting with my grams in a doctor's waiting room. She was browsing a travel fashion magazine (right?! I didn't know those things existed. There is seriously a magazine for everything! ..anyhow >_>) while I looked on at her side. She turns the page to an ad for Dolce and Gabbana cologne for men. Matthew McConaughey was the ad model. Out of seemingly nowhere grams goes-

"No man should be allowed to be this attractive." *turns page*

Queue me being stunned.

That's right grams. You tell that ad of McConaughey hottness off!

This has been a 'once in a blue moon' message from Ell.
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Added images )
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Found out Yara was in SF for Jin's live. I am upset. I could have seen him bust his moves..

right there!! He was right there ;___________;
I cannot even put into words to describe how upset I am. Completely missed him. Tear.

45 minutes away. Not even. FML man. Never going to happen again. Ever. /headesk

I am so bummed lol
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This isn't the real post I've been meaning to do for a few weeks, but bare with me as I suffer- well self-suffer.

edit: I was wrong about the pics- they're from the actual album. Still. My sadness at the free stuff is valid!

spoiler pics that could spoil bits of movie that you probably already know anyhow so why am I even warning you all.. )

They look so fucking awesome. I'm upset and mad that I cannot get the in-store items. I bought my fair share of albums! yes, plural!! I was hoping they'd look cheap and stuff but they don't! I'm completely sad. There's no way I can get these things! If they're avail they'll be ridiculously priced and on yahoo auctions. psh. *head desk* I'm sure I'll be made fun of but this really upsets me!

I'd pay extra shipping for them! ;______;
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SPECIAL in-store operation
10:30~20:30 as long as supplies last

Prize details
Prize A 8UPPERS Rhinestone strap
Prize B 8UPPERS Scenario notebook
Prize C 8UPPERS Clearfile
Prize D 8UPPERS Poster

I am so upset. So upset. Let me just wallow in my own self pity that I'll never be able to get this stuff because I don't live in Japan and that the one time I could have gotten stuff *Life stickers* I ordered from the wrong damn place!!

*left to cry over lunch*
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Not to be rude but you need permission from someone to post the scans who were done by someone completely different? Really now. Least it's properly credited at the bottom.

I seriously rolled my eyes. Time for a break lol


Apr. 24th, 2010 07:17 pm
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I'm so boooooored!!!
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Made caps of the files I uploaded yesterday, but ended up doing... what I did in the post. So now I have a few shiny caps that I dunno what to do with. I'll just post them here.

Nippon no Eco Station )
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wait... so... leah dizon is going to be on muchaburi this coming week? this should be interesting! love the yukatas...people see how subaru has his hair tied up? sekushii~

i really need to find something else to post about~~
LJ makes me nervous! lol


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