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lol.. it's been so long since I've last posted, that this updated posting.. thing is new and weird D:! ah well, it's not that bad xDD

Anyhoo! I've listened to the music and woo! Who woulda thought Kanjani8 would continue to surprise me XD I have nothing new to add to the discussion of music as I suck. I'm no music buff and almost all the lyrics I cannot understand. However feel free to read my thoughts and then laugh in the comments at my plebeian feelings on each song! \:D/!

Spoilers will be prevalent after the cut~

Osaka My Balls will start us off! )

so those are my mess of feelings and thoughts for the songs. I overall enjoyed the album. It's pretty strong. Everyone that is going to the concerts this winter.. have a lot of fun, okay!! I hope you all go to more than one concert! So you can freak out at one, then thoroughly enjoy the next :} One day I will be there, too!
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Spoilers below~ more like my reactions. don't read if you don't want the spoilers~


∞ maru wrote down a difficult kanji for him (?) apparently, it's super easy lol
∞ it's okay though maru because I sure as hell don't recognize it XD
∞ then the villagers laugh XDDD
∞ Hina's reaction was the best lol at least ryo just kinda smiled..
∞ I'll just imagine Hina said something positive
∞ here it is..!! ... bitchin!!
∞ lol Maru's face. I love Maru.
∞ omg they get stickers... LOL
∞ .. subaru, they're showing you a lot. >_> bad omen.


∞ lol subaru's next.
∞ Shimizu-san (announcer right?), he looks on the verge of cracking up.
∞ Kanji specialist dude looks bored. Stop judging my idols!
∞ oh! his favorite kanji~
∞ omg Subaru~~~ ♥!!!!
∞ LOL... Subaru's face. Ryo called it
∞ wtf said it's right but it's really wrong lol
∞ awwwww... baru D:
∞ Marubutt~
∞ OMG what are they doing!??? are they serious????
∞ I don't even know what to say... lol
∞ right, yoko? I'm gunna agree with what you said because I think I picked up the nuance XD
∞ Maru's trying not to laugh... baru was in shock..


∞ Hina would not fail, of course
∞ poor baru!!
∞ that was quick XD


∞ lol... whatever Yoko's thing was.. elementary kids like that also?
∞ Hina XDDD
∞ Subaru will be forever alone I bet lol stop making him look worse, Shiwake!
∞ good lord Subaru could your legs be any wider??
∞ go Yoko go! yay!! I like when they get it right the dude gets all smiley
∞ hahhaha wtf Yoko such a grown up 'yokatta'

Maru looks like he wants to comfort baru sooooo bad


∞ then it's Ryo turn.
∞ hecka short. I wish you had failed.

∞ okay not really but it would have been funny.


∞ kuraaaaa
∞ sekaaaaaai
∞ they don't look happy at all they're getting these right lol


∞ yasu turn~
∞ lol they counted how many times he got stuff wrong LOL
∞ I want to say Shimizu-san is a punkhead. <3
∞ egao no eh XD
∞ I remember learning about how the kanji was born~ such a nice kanji...
∞ banana???!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
∞ LOL only yasu right.
∞ ah I've seen this Kanji before.
∞ lol Subaru leaning to look at it.
∞ such a face, yasu XDD
∞ sekaaaaaai~
∞ sugoi??

awww it was the first time he heard of the kanji.. I wonder how he's feeling :( Hina~
D: his face, it's so depressing...
and his face when he didn't get it and he stared so hard.. like he didn't wanna cry..! though I'm just putting my own feelings in that because I would have done the same, to stop the tears of embarrassment XDD though I think he saw Maru & started to smile.. makes me feel better- for two seconds >_>

well this wasn't fun at all lol I mean even with the others getting it right, they just didn't look happy D: this episode was sad D: and out of everyone I totally thought Yoko would fail.. lol
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While eating lunch I realized once again how much I like my pb&j sandwiches.
And that I'm still a scan whore xDD auction is horrible. I see all the cheap mags and I wanna buybuybuy. I need more money D:

I was just wondering if the show that Yoko and Subaru guested on would appear to dl. Then I noticed it was. Thank you ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪! It's a huge file though xD
*waits for reups*

How has everyone been doing? Some of you have gone quiet! Others have become busy or gone on hiatus. Kind of lonely, flist :(
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I wish he'd shave the sides of his head again. Or cut it really short and perm it again.

And wear purple.

Yeah... That'd be nice.

*is currently looking for said picture* )


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