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I'd totally believe Yoko was female if it weren't for his massive forearm.

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Nishikido Ryo.

Riding dinosaurs since he was 8.

C: leslie27@sina
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While organizing I started to think about Ryo's drama from 24terebi for some odd reason. The I realized the radio was playing some In My Life.. ahahhaaa duuuh.

First off-



Yasu is all in that Hina soup lol and he's holding onto himself ;D
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I just had, a Yoko spam battle. and I lost lol Least I like to think it was a battle... that I lost. Doesn't matter, what matters is I did a spam fest and it was fun. Go me. I'm awesome. *pats back*
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Seriously, I don't know what to say. I am speechless.

Yoko's mother has passed away.

It is a great loss that we all can feel.
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I just got an update from cdjapan about Yoko's cover (OZMYGAAADZZZZ) for arena 37c whatevers.. and thought this was funny-

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These are all things I've been meaning to post about really lame stuff btw but never got around to. These images below have been on my desktop for weeks if not months! I want to change my desktop now and to do that, need to make it 'clean'.

weirdness behind fake cut )

Please feel free to skip. Really. Night!
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Who is this mighty beast?

sort of image/spoiler heavy? )
Looking forward to the rest of the story~

Yoko EYE

Oct. 4th, 2009 06:57 pm
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This drama was so much fun. lol I kind of understood what was going on, but not really. The ending was cracktastic. I dled from gacha but the last two minutes or so went to crap! like they took off the HD option. lol grrrrrrr

got to say though, the bad guy played his role really, really well. XD once you watch I hope you'll understand what I mean. There's a cap I want to post so bad but it'd ruin the whole story XD

Possible spoilers past cut!! )
I did try my best though to not clip spoilerish images. XDDD Yoko so much fun to watch lol
and my icon so fits! I love my vampire yoko icon &hearts

edit: okay I lied, I'm going to post the cap that will ruin the whole story. Highlight below for my comments, and click the link if you really want to see.
one of the best parts <3 )
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YokoYu & Maruru: CLAP UR HANDS, PAANPAAN! *giggling mess*

Hina: ...Fuck my life..*sigh*
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This took way too long to post. I used the gallery image posting tool thing thinking it'd be easier.. it wasn't. At least I learned some new html crap! Always a silver lining. Though I'm pretty sure I'll forget it by the end of the day XDD

too many caps )
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Honestly I'm shocked at MatsuJun's place and how high Smile got on the awards. Not saying TQS or Sakurai should have gotten the award, cuz that would be just as bad but really? :/
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I cannot believe, that I just heard Subaru call Kame as 'Kamenashi-san'

Kamenashi san.


Just because Kame is the leader for the Dream Boys troupe... SAN?!
lol but what was funny was Yoko talking and referring to him as just 'Kame'. and then I'm guessing he was telling Subaru to just call to him as 'Kame!' Subaru was like no way! but then Yoko was like.. 'how about Kame-chan?' lol 'sounds like an old man!' or something. fun times.

but san!??! gotta be kidding me.

Gah. dying. baru sounds so cute.
and what is with Yoko tickling little boys!?

so does Hina. sleepy sounding boke Hina XDDD
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so I was talking to Ania, and I had mentioned I was counting how many guys were in the background of the concert. she then proceeded to ask if any one of them was holding a uchiwa. 'OMG YES!' is what I responded and so I went a'hunting for the cap of it to show her. when I found it, I went a little overboard(100+ in 8 seconds, lol), but was able to get a couple of good ones that showed-NO! DUDE ISN'T HOLDING THE UCHIWA!! but whatever. here is my picspam story~

It begins with Sukiyanen, Osaka )

theres more caps I took because after this was misetekure and god knows, I love me some of that. got some really, reaaaaaally good ones too. that'll be another post though


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