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Just two minutes to watch a lion video (and hear Jeremy Irons!!). Just hit play. Put it on mute if you don't even want to listen to it. Every time it is view on yt, National Geographic will donate 10 cents to lion and big cat conservation in Botswana. Watch it @ Youtube. Every viewing helps!
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The sound of the hit always cracks me up.

edit: I completely forgot about the gravure bit he did!! lol the reactions after the 2 min mark are classic XD
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..that bitch.
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It gets better,

Love, Pixar

and me ♥
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Favorite is still when Orange goes to attack and he gets defeated in the most wacked out way lol actually Orange is my favorite during this entire thing. Green seeming so tired and bored during the opening lol
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It's really bad video, like it was taken on an old cellphone or something but it's hilarious.
If you make it through the first minute, thats where the fun begins. Especially when the guy in the red shirt joins in. Red Shirt and Black Shirt are really into it. During the chorus they all gather and do the dance together. 2:30 mark is good too.
Anyhow, that is what I'm up to now, exploring youtube.

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Saturday Night Live: NPR

"..and to our listeners; don't worry we'll be sure to post some really sweet muffin shots online later."
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and does anyone have the full skit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jljjc_Y3acQ
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*_____* cuuute *grabby hands*

*more grabby hands*
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This one was funny, hearing more than watching Subaru scream his girly scream. Its from Kanjani Knights. Which I have seen none of.

This one reminded me of the Janiben episode. Is anyone planning on subbing that one? I love ghost stories... D: I was super excited when the Himitsu no Arashi-chan episodes were subbed..!
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embedding disabled. But Yasu' poses to draw a sword! XDD the girl is tall (compared to yasu and another lol)! Hope these pop up to dl ^^
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Favorite from Electric Mayhem

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Wish I could embed this funny. I feel so bad for Shota too. He biffed it hard. You know it hurt too! I think it's cute how he held onto Maru afterwards. Shota is kind of 男前 to stand right back up. Though it was probably because he was embarrassed more than anything else.

P.S. Shota running in like a fairy. I never forget twinkle toes XD


What is this from?? Did I like, miss it every time I watched my DVD??? Was this on the single disc not the box set??

..WHAT ARE THEY SAYING?!?? D: They are like, competing against one another for my (I mean our) heart! A confession battle XD
"俺だよな" "俺だよな"
Can't I just have you both?
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So does anyone have this or has it snatched from YT to enjoy long after it's deleted?

*embed was disabled*

Maru is cute when he says his mom and dad are heroes XD he leans back all suave.

Of course Hina points it out.
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I like how clicking on one link leads you to others which leads to more fun. especially on youtube.
this was one of my favorite bits from Janiben. was this ever translated or summarized?

does anyone do summaries for their tv programs? I know around with it first started there were a couple. but I think they stopped.
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if you can recall, a while back I posted about cute drawings of KJ8 to some wacked music. so cute.
today while browsing journals, a second one was posted! its to the same song but it's different drawings of them lol


drawings of eito doesn't get old. the song is pretty catchy too.

credit for link: [livejournal.com profile] oldricecooker
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LOL drums & bass. what more does a band need. flutes of course! XDDDDDD


Mar. 19th, 2008 05:06 pm
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what the hell is this!? lol I tried to translate the 'About the Video' but got nowhere..

a hand-drawn eito ranger video??


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