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okay. so I'm a day or more late but it's my feelings that count, right? :D

it's been a while everyone \D:/
I miss you all \D:/!!

I miss talking with you and sharing dumb pictures and commenting until it warps my layout and





What has everyone been up to~ :Da
I've recently updated my OS and now have W7! which I realize is CRAP. I do love that it takes less space and that things work faster and that there's more stuff I can do but quite frankly I seriously considered going back to Vista for a week lol
They took away the manual file organizing thing in folders!! I can't manually say I want folder/image/zip A next to folder/image/zip 9 anymore!! D: freaking sucks. anyhow. not important XD

I also have me a legit copy of Rosatta-motherfuckin-Stone TOTALe so I'm studying like a good student, people!! I got my head phone mic piece thingy and I'm seeing how awful and foreigner my Japanese speech is and everything! 8D benkyouing it all up in here!! lol but I had to update a ton of things though. which is something I'm doing now because I have two left to update and so I thought hey, I'll make a boring post and let people read my ramblings once more :}

regret? NOPE. ♥

So, fandom stuuuuff.

Hina's stageplay If Or... IV is going on now or will be, in Tokyo! Anyone going or have gone? I have not seeing anything about it other than pamphlet/postcard photos (not scans, photos 8|). What's it about? Does he dress up? I'M CURIOUS!! I wish they had put the third year on DVD. He's only done this now FOUR FREAKING TIMES. Where's the DVD?? :(
Not like I could buy it anyway because I'm still dirt poor!! ;____;

Shiwake and Janiben and Hirunandesu all look awesome~ but I'm really behind my watching! and I think Henen is on break or maybe something broke because they haven't uploaded anything recently and SADFACE.
Shiwake looks like awesome though! Higashiyama and Mabo and Koki will be on! Looks like singing and basketball..
Janiben recently had Koki on too which was down right hilarious omg. and it was cute because Subaru was all over him and it was adoooooorbs!!!
Hirunandesu has gotten so good! I think they've finally hit their stride with stuff. Especially Yoko- getting drunk every episode I bet helps the ratings lol ;D

radio shows have become harder to find. Hichansan, ayanami05, has gone on hiatus because her mommy isn't doing well from what I understand T___T I hope she gets healthy soon!! I've seen a couple uploads of recomen & I think Subaraji but it's all rayfile and my computer still hates it! even after upgrading lol oh well.

Also Eito have finally come and graduated from the idol magazines. ;__: I think recently Duet/Potato/Wink up also ;__; it's so sad! they didn't even make it to their 10th yr, let alone their eighth!! :( I think TakkiTsuba have graduated also. I've read it was a 200 magazines thing? or others say 30yr olds.. something.. but still. I'm guessing it's from when they debuted? it's like 16 yrs if they meant in general! Still don't get it.. :(
Also, I know Arashi still appears in the magazines anyway but Kanjani8 aren't Arashi. Who knows how it's going to turn out.

magazines~ *cries tears of loss*

either way, MARU LEAD IN A DRAMA FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! four episode special called Maru- I mean, O-PARTS. XD pretty excitiiiing. also also, he's going to be in a stageplay soon! a (dark?)comedy! called BOB. where he and his fellow actors will play multiple characters! teehee~ I'm very happy and proud of Maru. Please continue on this path and eventually play a creepy villain!! 8|b

Subaru is Subaru. total fan nut of the Cro-Magnons. He got to play a couple songs on SCP this past month and he was all \8D/!!! the entire time. it was awesome~
which btw I haven't even watched yet. Did that episode ever appear in HD? :(

Okura... is being bored lol and Yasu is driving to other cities just to eat some snacks and read the newest manga in his car. Ryo... what is he doing, anything? Yoko is in a drama with Mabo! and he had a kiss sceeeeene ehehehhehe~

oh hey, RS is finally ready to use XDD -OMG my headset is louder than Hina D: *hits sound button* it won't go down it's so loud my earsssss >_<

anyhow, I've written a lot! lol hope you're all doing well <3

oh, and before I forget- CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! You haz license! <3
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