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okay. so I'm a day or more late but it's my feelings that count, right? :D

it's been a while everyone \D:/
I miss you all \D:/!!

I miss talking with you and sharing dumb pictures and commenting until it warps my layout and





uugh tummy... )

oh, and before I forget- CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! You haz license! <3
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because this part was funny & seeing Okura crack up over Subaru wanting to be included is the cutest thing. You can see Subaru's smiling too, the little cheekbone popping up x}
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[HDTV]20100727 -(ゲスト:新山千春).avi

[HDTV]20100720 -(ゲスト:松本明子).avi

[HDTV]20100713 -(ゲスト:岡田圭右).avi

[HDTV]20100629 -(ゲスト:博多華丸・大吉).avi

Thank you so much Mii-chan! I was finally able to watch. It was wonderful :}
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I remember thinking this when it first started happening but then never went any further than a 'huh' but then I thought maybe they don't do that corner anymore? Then I saw a slight tidbit of the beginning on one of the files I watched and was like ah! It's still around! I got to say I'm kind of bummed that all the Janiben sources now cut out the Juniben section. I mean yeah sometimes they were kind of boring but I liked seeing them and thought it was great エイト had a section on their long running show in which to pimp them out. I miss Juniben :( I wish they'd keep it in.
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Finished watching the 150th episode of The 'Ben. yaaay~ I've been watching it over a few times because there were some good points- as in MaruBaru points and the guest has been on the show three times now! I really only recall one previous, but whatever. Time, for the picspam and dumb comments.

Janiben, HOOOOOO o__o/ )
I wonder if it will let me post all of this.. I'll try!
Yoko cute )

Anyhow, it's late, I'm now successfully tired. I hope the HD pops up soon! and that it's encoded like Megumi-chan and not Abekouji, too many stripe line thingies. This post bore you to sleepy~time like it did me? Hope not, or, if so, it was at least comment worthy XD


Apr. 7th, 2010 10:10 pm
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I've been trying for a long, long time (I won't say how many hours because I'm kind of embarrassed) to find viewer ratings for Janiben with no luck. I've found maybe three months worth of viewership but I can't find anything else. Driving me nuts!! Was going to look for CAN!jani too but I'm exhausted! Who knew it'd take so much effort to find such things. Isn't there a place to just go and look this crap up?! sigh.

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This took way too long to post. I used the gallery image posting tool thing thinking it'd be easier.. it wasn't. At least I learned some new html crap! Always a silver lining. Though I'm pretty sure I'll forget it by the end of the day XDD

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LOL I just saw Sonya's post. Guess I don't have to worry about caps... but seeing as how I already did, I'll put in zip and you can have fun XD I even made a couple posts in unison so you can get the zoom in effect ;DD
Sorry it took so long, I was trying to get a cap of when his towel floats up a little and you can baaaarely see nakedness before the zoom in. Alas it was not meant to be..


annnnd for Sonya! Even though she already has the file XDD

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Janiben that we're missing has popped up!!! XD

in XQ

which I'm guessing, has either been removed already or has reached it's numbers of dl D:

it's with someone named ピーコ

Here's to hoping it appears in someone's box or another sharing place XDD
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Cannot. Find. This. ANYWHERE!!! Can't even find it on YT.

Was this not shown? Is it because they changed the time that people missed it? Was there no Ariehen that day? I checked my sources on CB and I think PD changed the way you can search for stuff so that is of no use. Spent an hr scouring google. Has to be somewhere damn it!
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I made caps. I would have capped a ton more but. Then it'd be the whole episode and you could just make a flip book out of it. Totally cute. Bobby, or whatever his name was, was little hard to understand. But he was fun XD

ゴメンお父さん、お父さんゴメン )


Aug. 29th, 2008 09:06 pm
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were there no Tsuushin or Kikujani this week?

organizing my Janiben stash is still giving me headaches. which airs first? fuji or KTV??
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I like how clicking on one link leads you to others which leads to more fun. especially on youtube.
this was one of my favorite bits from Janiben. was this ever translated or summarized?

does anyone do summaries for their tv programs? I know around with it first started there were a couple. but I think they stopped.

janiben #64

Aug. 7th, 2008 12:03 am
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I have a favor to ask of someone. I'd ask at Eden but. I don't know, feels kind of foolish. >__<

I would like to ask if someone can dl a file for me off of CB. it seems my new OS for my comp doesn't like CB and it reboots my computer D: I don't think I can us it anymore! I have the dl link for the file @ CB. will someone be willing to dl it for me and then up it at MU or MF or anywhere for that matter. I'd really appreciate it <3


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