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There's a new archive community and it's just for Kanjani8-centric fic.

[livejournal.com profile] k8_library!!!

it's pretty awesome~~ no actual fic is hosted there though. It's just a way for people who want to read something in particular (a pairing or drama based or maybe something to ease your mood) to be able to find it! It has all kinds of fic there all ready for you to click and read x}

If you're a writer and we somehow missed yours, feel free to let us know here! There's probably a lot of public fic we missed. Also, if you see your fic there and you don't want it to be, makes me sad! HOWEVER!!! LET US KNOW. We'll quickly remove it. <3
ALSO ALSO- if you'd like to add a summary to your fic listing... that'd be great x} it'll help people find your fic to read!

So! Check it out~~ XDD I kinda helped.
A little >__> and by little I mean I just cheered and read things over. .___.)

anyhow, take a look see, read some fic, leave some comments! and if you can think of ways to improve or things we may have missed, please let us know :}
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So, things happened and I can't get the album. I've been trying to count my pennies in hopes that I don't have to cancel my FIGHT album order but it looks like I'm going to have to. I just don't have the money to spare D: and it looks like the exchange rate will not change for the better any time soon. I'm pretty screwed. I'm really, really sad right now lol it's pretty embarrassing. But considering I haven't missed a release since 2007 I think I can let myself be depressed for missing this one.
I'll have dls and stuff.. and pictures from fans who got it. I won't have it in my hands though and it's really depressing me XD I probably won't be able to even think of purchasing it until at least January- I can't even buy the Marching J video, if they're even still available- so I'm hoping!! hoping, that they all don't sell out. If they do, it'll be the first press regular *pines* and the limited B edition *omg my Subaru one-eyeliner fantastic. Pig!girl will be most devastated*
and don't even get me started about the upcoming con goods. the shirt, cap, pamphlet I will not be getting ;_____; I really wanted those lol especially the hat!!!

thinking about all this is giving me watery eyes XD

At this rate I may not make it to 8th Year Awesome. Which bums me out above all things. I'll light some incense for myself, chant incantations of money. Invoke the spirit of POSITIVE KIBUN. For all I know ,maybe this will help save for their 8th year. That I'll be able to go if/when they do the awesome we're all expecting. They've hinted at it long enough. I really want to be there! with everyone. .___.) show you all how annoying I really am XD and you can have me going \8D/! in the REAL LIFE. You all have permission to take pictures for posterity.

Least I have the mental image of Yara headbutting an aquarium tank to make me feel a little better.

That is all.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kind of interesting huh!
what album are people getting?? or albumssssss


also, newspapers are out, and one has images from PV??? CHEERLEADERS xDDD THEY GOT GIRLS IN THEIR PV XDDDDD

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Ell: *munches on a cookie. it is delish*
Ell: OMG Takki could use that as a lyric!
Athu: He already has! Taste me, honey~ Eat me, honey~ XD
Ell: b-but that's honey, this is cookie XD I can't imagine Subaru, even as big of a troll he is, would sing about eating cookie X'D
Athu: ...dlksjfj now I want Subaru to write an epic rock ballad & to announce a month later that it was about a cookie XDDDDD
Ell: snort XDDD and everyone during that month will be like, HE SO HAS A GF! yup. a sweet one xD
Athu: "He has a gf!! NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE INSPIRED HIM SO MUCH D:" "I do! She's a cookie!" "So sweet!" "Exactly 8D /trololol"

Ell: Next fic meme!! I'm asking for Subaru/cookie. Subaru falls so deep in love, he writes a rock ballad for his favorite- choco chip xD
Like, he gets a batch of cookies from Taeko's neighbor best friend & he eats them all so quickly that he has one left- that he falls for.
and can never eat! because then it'd be the end of their ~love~ and Hina finds out about the cookie safely wrapped in Saran Wrap & yells-
like he does. & Baru gives The Stare O__O
"Our love is more than just the tasty Toll House Morsels!" and he writes the song to some awesome rock chords *by yasu*
and it goes on for a month! fangirls everywhere freakout because 'Subaru has a gf OHEMGEE'
but their love affair ends on a sour note- He makes the mistake of leaving it in his bag during rehearsals. Ryo leaving a stash of enoki-
finds the cookie. and eats it. Subaru mourns. He writes a new song- it's a ballad of sweetness lost.
And it'll be called, Not Even a Crumb Remained

wtf why even leave it in the meme. I've just written it.
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and you know it's true because I actually have a tag with 'july' lol it started off right too.

On the first, I received snail mail from halfway across the globe!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It's the Yara picture <333333 I seriously squee'd for a good hour. I'd place it into the envelope, then moments later take it back out, read the note again, hold the photo, lift the note to look at photo, hold some more, smiles :D!, take off note then stare longer 8DDDDD, put note back on, slide photo out of cute plastic holder thingie that is cute, grin 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, swear to myself because crap now I have a print at the top of the photo, *wipe wipe*, satisfied the offensive oils are gone I place it back into cute holder, then place it back into envelope.

Rinse and repeat.

Thank you so much for the mail ♥ I can never say thank you enough :}

not only that tomorrow is the fourth and I'll be hanging out all day getting sunburned and sipping on Capris Suns like a boss. then!! there's TORE! show and some other cool stuff that is not coming to mind... possible announcement of ending theme for Eito+Zenkai Girl(which I keep spelling as Genkai...), and my birthday!!! and another anniversary.. then July leads into August which is HOMG 24HRTV!!! \:D/ please tell me someone(s) will be recording D: and where are the promos, TV!!! it's like a little over a month away! I get they're not huge names & that it's following in the wake of a huge disaster that is still going on... Now that I've said it I can't be mad because really how can I be selfish about it? The earthquake and aftermath is always in the back of my mind. .____.)♥

oh, ryo drama poster sightings with ED=eito? ehhhh~ ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE!!! it's a big deal for Eito to get it XDDD!!!


Jun. 13th, 2011 01:26 pm
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Maashii is my favorite.

You can talk shit all you want

But not today.


Apr. 11th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Got a letter today~

with Chrismas stickers!!

and inside were pictures!!! 8D

that were safely wrapped in cute plastic-like covers!!
Cool cellophane covers

Thank you :} I don't know what else to say, but thank you (T~T)
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Subaru's birthday has come and gone, so has the anniversary. I did not do what I wanted to do. :( I didn't even start let alone finish the month of eito meme thing I was suppose to start on my birthday and end on 8/25. I am a sad excuse of a fan. I have no initiative lol
I will do the thing I wanted to have finished! I've wanted to do it for a while now and though it's more for my sake than anything, I'd like to do it. and the meme!


SOON!! I promise xD ah!! I have that song/letter one to do also lol

You all still wanna be my friends right? :D? :(? I bet that nice anonsan doesn't even check my journal anymore..! I SUCK!

needs to rest
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What is this!?

Heads up from [livejournal.com profile] paaaaan

That's what the countdown is for!?
Figures!! Anyone can ballot I guess. Something is going on during your stay, enchan!!! lol
It's like Puzzle event all over again, only all at once?

To anyone that is able, try! To those that do, GOOD LUCK!!! in THREE DAYS!!!!!

Will it be live streaming?! xDD One can hope ;D
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∞ From 10/30 to 1/1!!

∞ Countdown and New Year shows at Kyocera Dome!

∞ 22 shows in nine venues!

credit: cindi

Tour goods. What are the tour goods!!?
Will Ryo be with them this year for CD since he wasn't last year for NEWS? oooo I wonder~

*looks at tour dates*
ooo they're going to Fukuoka~ and they're starting in Hokkaido! How interesting! Maybe a friend will get to see them in concert! xD
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Who woulda guessed it-

Opened still at 5pm JpnTime ;D
no one there but shadow!Yoko and the same comments.

I'm off to bed now :P
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There's some new posters on the side of the building near the door.

Has the same comments, still no sound or anything inside. Looks like a lot of guesses were dead on. xD I wonder though if you weren't able to go to the club at night and get a nickname, if it won't open for you now. I went back to the main thread in Eden and it seems a couple of people cannot get inside. Meaning the door won't open? I dunno. Anyhoo. OPEN!! xDDD what a cute touch ♥
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My happy ass planned it so I would be awake at 4:30am (8:30pm JpnTime) to enter the club~ Not possible. The van was there chilling at the left but the doors were close, light was off... To be blunt about it I was mad lol 'I woke up for this!?' I poked around the site for ten, fifteen minutes then decided to go to bed, because nothing was happening. Made sense in my brain that the webmaster would screw it all up.

This is what greeted me at 8am (12am JpnTime)-
Club 8 spoilers )

Now it's morning. Everything is there as normal but no sounds on the buckets/garbage. Can still toss cards, which make sounds. The release date is dead now. Well it was earlier too, forgot to mention that.
Looking back at the morning image they really improved it. Now it looks as if the light from just before dawn is coming over the building in front of the club. Nicely done :Db!

edit: funny thing, after I closed the site then went to go back, it won't open past the 'keep out' part LOL such is my life.
Nevermind, it opened up in IE xDDD
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ooOOOoooooo spooky~ xD
I actually am curious as to what will happen now since they have all the characters out there, in theory. What is left to show? Maybe a baby carriage will appear instead of the van lol
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Anybody else finding this hilarious? I'm finding it hilarious.

I had gone here earlier today and it was wiped clean of graffiti and card throwing, and now the cards are back and wala! new note. Would have liked a warning!
And here I was just having fun clicking in the far right corner and watching the cards going to the target every once in a while..
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ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ has SCP with Takki/Yara, eito, V6 up. *shakes fist at rayfile*
I know Janiben is skipping a day, but is Map too? I don't know why but it feels like forever since I saw it.

KANPANI!!! Dunno, just felt like it. XD

I just watched one of the funniest South Parks ever. I watched another funny one just a few days ago, they're on a roll! The episodes were probably old but one was about Pokemon (omg hilarious- 'You have very big penis. Our small, little Japanese penis can never be as great and big as your American penis.'), and the one I watched tonight was about weapons and them playing ninjas. I choked on my drink when they had a theme song and the lyrics were on the screen. God, I don't like South Park too much but sometimes they make the most hilarious things, Like the World of Warcraft episode. Classic.

ah, hell might as well continue-

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What in the hell are they up to. I am seriously curious. I have theories. Dumb ones, but fun ones XD what you all think?

Take a look at the bottom.
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* 6月 9日(水)19:00~19:56★日本テレビ系「月兑出ゲームDERO!密室謎解きバラエティ」村上丸山(TV LIFEより)

...Hina and Maru.


Maru is going to be a riot. I have a feeling he'll be freaking out and stressed the entire time.
楽しみに~ lol

also, I sometimes remember there's that community called je_secrets and I hop over and take a gander at one of the posts there. First off, lip syncing is EVERYWHERE. secondly, I'm sorry my scans are crap, but I don't have an image editor that will fix the lines and I like big scans cuz then I can zoom in and try unsuccessfully to read stuff. SORRY! Scanning is all I have in my life... *cries* and then-
picture.. thing )
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Favorite is still when Orange goes to attack and he gets defeated in the most wacked out way lol actually Orange is my favorite during this entire thing. Green seeming so tired and bored during the opening lol
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It's really bad video, like it was taken on an old cellphone or something but it's hilarious.
If you make it through the first minute, thats where the fun begins. Especially when the guy in the red shirt joins in. Red Shirt and Black Shirt are really into it. During the chorus they all gather and do the dance together. 2:30 mark is good too.
Anyhow, that is what I'm up to now, exploring youtube.



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