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okay. so I'm a day or more late but it's my feelings that count, right? :D

it's been a while everyone \D:/
I miss you all \D:/!!

I miss talking with you and sharing dumb pictures and commenting until it warps my layout and





uugh tummy... )

oh, and before I forget- CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! You haz license! <3
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I just finished watching the third episode of The Walking Dead and all I gotta say is I knew it. Knew it! I believe he thought Rick was dead but that does not excuse the rest of his ass. They were slow, but they could have made it. BS man. I don't care D: Shane just killed a man to save his own ass! and HE was the one hurt! wtf.. whatever. I love this show. and don't even get me started on the Lori, Rick's wife. Don't even get me started lol I love this show because I just about dislike everyone. Almost.

I did watch the second episode of Once Upon a Time. Still love it.I like how it does the flashbacks and all the symbols from the fairy tales. I enjoy it, I don't care.
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Ell: *munches on a cookie. it is delish*
Ell: OMG Takki could use that as a lyric!
Athu: He already has! Taste me, honey~ Eat me, honey~ XD
Ell: b-but that's honey, this is cookie XD I can't imagine Subaru, even as big of a troll he is, would sing about eating cookie X'D
Athu: ...dlksjfj now I want Subaru to write an epic rock ballad & to announce a month later that it was about a cookie XDDDDD
Ell: snort XDDD and everyone during that month will be like, HE SO HAS A GF! yup. a sweet one xD
Athu: "He has a gf!! NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE INSPIRED HIM SO MUCH D:" "I do! She's a cookie!" "So sweet!" "Exactly 8D /trololol"

Ell: Next fic meme!! I'm asking for Subaru/cookie. Subaru falls so deep in love, he writes a rock ballad for his favorite- choco chip xD
Like, he gets a batch of cookies from Taeko's neighbor best friend & he eats them all so quickly that he has one left- that he falls for.
and can never eat! because then it'd be the end of their ~love~ and Hina finds out about the cookie safely wrapped in Saran Wrap & yells-
like he does. & Baru gives The Stare O__O
"Our love is more than just the tasty Toll House Morsels!" and he writes the song to some awesome rock chords *by yasu*
and it goes on for a month! fangirls everywhere freakout because 'Subaru has a gf OHEMGEE'
but their love affair ends on a sour note- He makes the mistake of leaving it in his bag during rehearsals. Ryo leaving a stash of enoki-
finds the cookie. and eats it. Subaru mourns. He writes a new song- it's a ballad of sweetness lost.
And it'll be called, Not Even a Crumb Remained

wtf why even leave it in the meme. I've just written it.
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I think.. I think it's about time for a new default icon.

I have so many to chose from I dunno what to use!!!

No one really has anything going on right now.
Maybe I should just choose one of my other icons, then find a Maru to replace the gap. I have no Maru icons.. or Kurara!! D: or Yasu come to think of it.. lol I suck! Maybe I have one that has all three in it.

I dunno (>___<) and I still only have credit on nishipurin as anon-san. I feel bad!!

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last night I had a dream where I exited my childhood home and into the backyard where Yara and co. were practicing for PLAYZONE. xD He comes over and we exchange greetings and I'm all well I have to go do this mission of something-I-can't-remember and Yara is all oh.. okay 8D, good to see you and all that mess and then before I walk away he grabs for a hug so it becomes one of those awkward quick hugs but then dude kisses me!! not like, peck or nothing but straight up 'you may die so I'm kissing you senseless' kind of kiss. I was so shocked from this it woke me up LOL
It seriously woke me up XD I remember thinking as it was happening, the kiss, that my bf was going to be so mad! lol I was so shocked that Yara did that, it woke me up. x'DD his first dream appearance too! or at least first time remembering he was in it.

anyhow, just wanted to share XD
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Spoilers below~ more like my reactions. don't read if you don't want the spoilers~


∞ maru wrote down a difficult kanji for him (?) apparently, it's super easy lol
∞ it's okay though maru because I sure as hell don't recognize it XD
∞ then the villagers laugh XDDD
∞ Hina's reaction was the best lol at least ryo just kinda smiled..
∞ I'll just imagine Hina said something positive
∞ here it is..!! ... bitchin!!
∞ lol Maru's face. I love Maru.
∞ omg they get stickers... LOL
∞ .. subaru, they're showing you a lot. >_> bad omen.


∞ lol subaru's next.
∞ Shimizu-san (announcer right?), he looks on the verge of cracking up.
∞ Kanji specialist dude looks bored. Stop judging my idols!
∞ oh! his favorite kanji~
∞ omg Subaru~~~ ♥!!!!
∞ LOL... Subaru's face. Ryo called it
∞ wtf said it's right but it's really wrong lol
∞ awwwww... baru D:
∞ Marubutt~
∞ OMG what are they doing!??? are they serious????
∞ I don't even know what to say... lol
∞ right, yoko? I'm gunna agree with what you said because I think I picked up the nuance XD
∞ Maru's trying not to laugh... baru was in shock..


∞ Hina would not fail, of course
∞ poor baru!!
∞ that was quick XD


∞ lol... whatever Yoko's thing was.. elementary kids like that also?
∞ Hina XDDD
∞ Subaru will be forever alone I bet lol stop making him look worse, Shiwake!
∞ good lord Subaru could your legs be any wider??
∞ go Yoko go! yay!! I like when they get it right the dude gets all smiley
∞ hahhaha wtf Yoko such a grown up 'yokatta'

Maru looks like he wants to comfort baru sooooo bad


∞ then it's Ryo turn.
∞ hecka short. I wish you had failed.

∞ okay not really but it would have been funny.


∞ kuraaaaa
∞ sekaaaaaai
∞ they don't look happy at all they're getting these right lol


∞ yasu turn~
∞ lol they counted how many times he got stuff wrong LOL
∞ I want to say Shimizu-san is a punkhead. <3
∞ egao no eh XD
∞ I remember learning about how the kanji was born~ such a nice kanji...
∞ banana???!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
∞ LOL only yasu right.
∞ ah I've seen this Kanji before.
∞ lol Subaru leaning to look at it.
∞ such a face, yasu XDD
∞ sekaaaaaai~
∞ sugoi??

awww it was the first time he heard of the kanji.. I wonder how he's feeling :( Hina~
D: his face, it's so depressing...
and his face when he didn't get it and he stared so hard.. like he didn't wanna cry..! though I'm just putting my own feelings in that because I would have done the same, to stop the tears of embarrassment XDD though I think he saw Maru & started to smile.. makes me feel better- for two seconds >_>

well this wasn't fun at all lol I mean even with the others getting it right, they just didn't look happy D: this episode was sad D: and out of everyone I totally thought Yoko would fail.. lol
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Then wear this Twibbon I worked super hard on for 45mins XD!!

Clicky and get it on your icon or something. Support 24Hour TV 2011 with my yellow box of awesome! ;D

We have over 70 supports right now!

You should support too~ ;D [shameless plug]
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Nishikido Ryo.

Riding dinosaurs since he was 8.

C: leslie27@sina
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My happy ass planned it so I would be awake at 4:30am (8:30pm JpnTime) to enter the club~ Not possible. The van was there chilling at the left but the doors were close, light was off... To be blunt about it I was mad lol 'I woke up for this!?' I poked around the site for ten, fifteen minutes then decided to go to bed, because nothing was happening. Made sense in my brain that the webmaster would screw it all up.

This is what greeted me at 8am (12am JpnTime)-
Club 8 spoilers )

Now it's morning. Everything is there as normal but no sounds on the buckets/garbage. Can still toss cards, which make sounds. The release date is dead now. Well it was earlier too, forgot to mention that.
Looking back at the morning image they really improved it. Now it looks as if the light from just before dawn is coming over the building in front of the club. Nicely done :Db!

edit: funny thing, after I closed the site then went to go back, it won't open past the 'keep out' part LOL such is my life.
Nevermind, it opened up in IE xDDD
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..heheheheheh 8D

I'm having the damnest time with scans. If no one can help, I'll ask at boys_paper. I've sure been asking them a lot.. I have no shame, cuz I completely understand that some can get stuff where I can't. HAHA..haha... :/

∞with 1005 - should have subaru, maru, yasu? second in the series
∞ Orisuta 0531 (5/21)

apparently yoko was in a lot in may.. >__>

   ∞ TVfan July (5/24)
   ∞ TV Japan June (5/15)
   ∞ Gekkan Songs June (5/15)
   ∞ the Television (5/12)
Dates are apparently release dates of the mags.

Hell I'll even try this one!

Hina in Takatsuki Walker 2010 (4/16) <~~~ I KNOW there's no luck for that one lol

I found a lot otherwise. Just these are giving me the stink eye. If anything, just look at the lovely hanikami pair~ *__*


Okay so wtf I missed an onlystar too- I wondered if they appeared that week! they did! date was 100531, Toma was on the cover.. and it was an interview between Hina and Okura (not even that, there's four pages! Bouken Japan <3). Why has it not popped up, I mean yeah it's Hina and when does he ever get any love but it's Okura!! Okura's the ikemen of eito apparently. The link above should show the index from oricon's official site btw.
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* 6月 9日(水)19:00~19:56★日本テレビ系「月兑出ゲームDERO!密室謎解きバラエティ」村上丸山(TV LIFEより)

...Hina and Maru.


Maru is going to be a riot. I have a feeling he'll be freaking out and stressed the entire time.
楽しみに~ lol

also, I sometimes remember there's that community called je_secrets and I hop over and take a gander at one of the posts there. First off, lip syncing is EVERYWHERE. secondly, I'm sorry my scans are crap, but I don't have an image editor that will fix the lines and I like big scans cuz then I can zoom in and try unsuccessfully to read stuff. SORRY! Scanning is all I have in my life... *cries* and then-
picture.. thing )
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Ugh. I'm sitting here trying to get tired and all I'm thinking about is how long it's been since I've had it. I can seriously say I'm in a drought. SO long and it's so good! I really want it right now..

hidden from innocent eyes )

ahhh I want itttttttt *ache*

if I could

Feb. 18th, 2010 09:52 pm
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I want a new layout. I'm getting kind of bored with this one. I don't even know where to begin to look for a new layout XD
People have go-to communities/blogs for layouts? I also want a profile.. thingie. Just so I have a reason to organize my crap.

I don't even know where to begin lol


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