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is anyone able to nab this file, as every time I click to get it, it times out XDa



Dec. 6th, 2011 03:11 pm
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So, things happened and I can't get the album. I've been trying to count my pennies in hopes that I don't have to cancel my FIGHT album order but it looks like I'm going to have to. I just don't have the money to spare D: and it looks like the exchange rate will not change for the better any time soon. I'm pretty screwed. I'm really, really sad right now lol it's pretty embarrassing. But considering I haven't missed a release since 2007 I think I can let myself be depressed for missing this one.
I'll have dls and stuff.. and pictures from fans who got it. I won't have it in my hands though and it's really depressing me XD I probably won't be able to even think of purchasing it until at least January- I can't even buy the Marching J video, if they're even still available- so I'm hoping!! hoping, that they all don't sell out. If they do, it'll be the first press regular *pines* and the limited B edition *omg my Subaru one-eyeliner fantastic. Pig!girl will be most devastated*
and don't even get me started about the upcoming con goods. the shirt, cap, pamphlet I will not be getting ;_____; I really wanted those lol especially the hat!!!

thinking about all this is giving me watery eyes XD

At this rate I may not make it to 8th Year Awesome. Which bums me out above all things. I'll light some incense for myself, chant incantations of money. Invoke the spirit of POSITIVE KIBUN. For all I know ,maybe this will help save for their 8th year. That I'll be able to go if/when they do the awesome we're all expecting. They've hinted at it long enough. I really want to be there! with everyone. .___.) show you all how annoying I really am XD and you can have me going \8D/! in the REAL LIFE. You all have permission to take pictures for posterity.

Least I have the mental image of Yara headbutting an aquarium tank to make me feel a little better.

That is all.
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I think.. I think it's about time for a new default icon.

I have so many to chose from I dunno what to use!!!

No one really has anything going on right now.
Maybe I should just choose one of my other icons, then find a Maru to replace the gap. I have no Maru icons.. or Kurara!! D: or Yasu come to think of it.. lol I suck! Maybe I have one that has all three in it.

I dunno (>___<) and I still only have credit on nishipurin as anon-san. I feel bad!!

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It's been pushed back until further notice. Same with the rental 8UPPERS DVD thing.
Click on picture to take you to the offical Teichiku website.

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Found out Yara was in SF for Jin's live. I am upset. I could have seen him bust his moves..

right there!! He was right there ;___________;
I cannot even put into words to describe how upset I am. Completely missed him. Tear.

45 minutes away. Not even. FML man. Never going to happen again. Ever. /headesk

I am so bummed lol
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Subaru's birthday has come and gone, so has the anniversary. I did not do what I wanted to do. :( I didn't even start let alone finish the month of eito meme thing I was suppose to start on my birthday and end on 8/25. I am a sad excuse of a fan. I have no initiative lol
I will do the thing I wanted to have finished! I've wanted to do it for a while now and though it's more for my sake than anything, I'd like to do it. and the meme!


SOON!! I promise xD ah!! I have that song/letter one to do also lol

You all still wanna be my friends right? :D? :(? I bet that nice anonsan doesn't even check my journal anymore..! I SUCK!

needs to rest
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SPECIAL in-store operation
10:30~20:30 as long as supplies last

Prize details
Prize A 8UPPERS Rhinestone strap
Prize B 8UPPERS Scenario notebook
Prize C 8UPPERS Clearfile
Prize D 8UPPERS Poster

I am so upset. So upset. Let me just wallow in my own self pity that I'll never be able to get this stuff because I don't live in Japan and that the one time I could have gotten stuff *Life stickers* I ordered from the wrong damn place!!

*left to cry over lunch*
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∞ From 10/30 to 1/1!!

∞ Countdown and New Year shows at Kyocera Dome!

∞ 22 shows in nine venues!

credit: cindi

Tour goods. What are the tour goods!!?
Will Ryo be with them this year for CD since he wasn't last year for NEWS? oooo I wonder~

*looks at tour dates*
ooo they're going to Fukuoka~ and they're starting in Hokkaido! How interesting! Maybe a friend will get to see them in concert! xD
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So you know what, I went, all excited to Japantown in SF and ate semi-jpn food and shopped around and went to buy magazines galore at the bookstore there. I even brought a list!! a damn list. okay so this is what transpired..

first off, since it was the beginning of the week nothing really was out!! There was nothing!
secondly, what I did find was very few and old stuff, which is fine because I got the old arena37c thing with eito (though because Yoko's was july's it wasn't put out yet!!), and songs june so yay for Yoko-ness there. I even found a couple of only stars which was nice but there were no new ones! Like I said, everything was gone!! D: no tvguides, no tv pias, no televisions of any sort- no nothing!
thirdly, and the kicker, I really wanted to get With magazines, especially May's because I haven't seen any scans of that one. I'd be lucky if I got June's too. There? NO! NADA!!! NOTHINGS!!!! friggin- *kicks a puppy* But! But. bf helped me look for them which was nice, even though they never popped up :( however, while I looked around before paying, I found July's!! so I bought that sucker!!! The lady there said it wasn't going to be put out until next week! LIAR!!
so I get home right, and I start looking through it, there's no eito. at all. I cannot even describe my hatred for this magazine right now. I even had to pay a higher price plus inflated tax on this damn magazine and there was no eito corner!!! NOTHING!!!!!!


If I could, I'd be giving the middle finger to the world right now.

anyhow, I did get the last honmani kanjani8 manga (YAY) and the betsufure that had the tsuushin report in it (double YAY), bf found and bought me an eito ring (fucking hell yeah YAY)and I got to eat a mini choco eclair. so whatever. I'll be scanning probably Wednesday.. anyhow. damn it all you know? even thinking about it now is frustrating lol

/end rant

edit: I've figured out what was up with my with mag. I feel pretty damn stupid about it right now. Maybe when I'm not so angry at my dumbness, I'll share the fail. either way, still missing may, june eito with.
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..heheheheheh 8D

I'm having the damnest time with scans. If no one can help, I'll ask at boys_paper. I've sure been asking them a lot.. I have no shame, cuz I completely understand that some can get stuff where I can't. HAHA..haha... :/

∞with 1005 - should have subaru, maru, yasu? second in the series
∞ Orisuta 0531 (5/21)

apparently yoko was in a lot in may.. >__>

   ∞ TVfan July (5/24)
   ∞ TV Japan June (5/15)
   ∞ Gekkan Songs June (5/15)
   ∞ the Television (5/12)
Dates are apparently release dates of the mags.

Hell I'll even try this one!

Hina in Takatsuki Walker 2010 (4/16) <~~~ I KNOW there's no luck for that one lol

I found a lot otherwise. Just these are giving me the stink eye. If anything, just look at the lovely hanikami pair~ *__*


Okay so wtf I missed an onlystar too- I wondered if they appeared that week! they did! date was 100531, Toma was on the cover.. and it was an interview between Hina and Okura (not even that, there's four pages! Bouken Japan <3). Why has it not popped up, I mean yeah it's Hina and when does he ever get any love but it's Okura!! Okura's the ikemen of eito apparently. The link above should show the index from oricon's official site btw.
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Not to be rude but you need permission from someone to post the scans who were done by someone completely different? Really now. Least it's properly credited at the bottom.

I seriously rolled my eyes. Time for a break lol
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I'm missing a few eito orisutas~



and then what is the date for this one?

I'm sure it's possible it could be one of the dates above.

I've tried.. let's see.. looking through google.. annnnd boys_paper and okuraband and somewhat of yokoclub... and tried vvshu... and motomimost and ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ ... no luck :( I won't be going to nihonmachi anytime soon so I'm kind of screwed. I guess if worse comes to worse, I'll ask at boys_paper. dunno if it'll help though.


Apr. 7th, 2010 10:10 pm
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I've been trying for a long, long time (I won't say how many hours because I'm kind of embarrassed) to find viewer ratings for Janiben with no luck. I've found maybe three months worth of viewership but I can't find anything else. Driving me nuts!! Was going to look for CAN!jani too but I'm exhausted! Who knew it'd take so much effort to find such things. Isn't there a place to just go and look this crap up?! sigh.



Feb. 17th, 2010 12:48 am
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I just read at Cindi's blog that if you pre-order at a store in Japan you get an extra gift..!


why??! DDDDDDD: WHY!!!

:(.. I'd ask for someone to pre-order it there but.. maaaaaaaaaaan wthell..! I feel all whiny now. *slumps* sucks to be a foreign fan.

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I already left a request at [livejournal.com profile] boys_paper but thought it wouldn't hurt to place it in my journal here.

I could have sworn I had these scans, can't find them. I had the chance to buy the mag too!! argggh! I want the maruyas pages. onlystar091123, the one with Aiba on the cover. There's scans of Arashi but no maruyas! damn it all.

anyhow, I bought myojo jan cuz all I saw were crap scans of the eito pages. I'll probably do those at some point.

..sleep times.
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Damn dls I can't grab. I should just stop going to Chinese websites. Just makes me sadface.
I won't complain more though- Least I get to see all the pages. Those were all the pages right?
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I have spent way too long to figure out what magazine this and a few others are from. I'm finished. lol

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I am so sad the file doesn't have them singing!!

I all dled it and was looking forward to it. :(((((
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before )



first half~~~ heheheh I went hunting for another box to have this. now it's miiiiine allllll miiiiiiine XDDDDD
second half almost finished~~




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