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Only Star
- 100913 [anything?]
- 100920 [actual to replace web]
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is anyone able to nab this file? I dl for hrs @ 2.6kb/s and then at the last moment it dies >:|
a re-up would really be appreciated!



Dec. 1st, 2011 07:19 pm
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okay I give up- any of you know what magazine this comes from? or date? anything?
Figured it out XDDD it IS from Only Star but it's from a date I don't have the scans for :(

It's from 2010_09_20
anyone have them for sharing? :}

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kind of interesting huh!
what album are people getting?? or albumssssss


also, newspapers are out, and one has images from PV??? CHEERLEADERS xDDD THEY GOT GIRLS IN THEIR PV XDDDDD

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While organizing I started to think about Ryo's drama from 24terebi for some odd reason. The I realized the radio was playing some In My Life.. ahahhaaa duuuh.

First off-



Yasu is all in that Hina soup lol and he's holding onto himself ;D
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I just had, a Yoko spam battle. and I lost lol Least I like to think it was a battle... that I lost. Doesn't matter, what matters is I did a spam fest and it was fun. Go me. I'm awesome. *pats back*

Yuki butt

Aug. 21st, 2010 04:47 pm
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if you get the chance to look through 'Look at STAR' September because there's a section for SHOCK and lol poor Uchi, he just looks so exhausted in every picture!
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Hilarious. 'clothes' from all three movies too. Anyone else find this amusing? Even more so that Hamachan is Doc? XDDDD

Doc, we better back up. We don't have enough road to get up to 88.
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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okay, I've been going through my scans, updating them and pulling out pics of the eito wearing those power wrist band... things. Which is actually kind of hard to spot because sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not, within the same shoot lol but anyhow, question!
Looking at magazine 'with', Dec2009, where subaru, hina, maru and ryo were in a photoshoot together looking all manly-

XD~ anyhow, was there a shoot with yoko, yasu, okura? Last night I went hunting through amazon.jp to look at covers and I couldn't find them at all? If they did appear it would have been before Apr2010, the start of their new column. Anyone have information about that.
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These are the last to be scanned, if people want me to. I think pics are already up on motomimost's place. So I'll probably scan for myself but if no one wants anything, I'll just let it be. Here the covers, and indexes. Take a gander ya'll ;D

>___< !!!

Jul. 3rd, 2010 02:42 pm
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yesterday. lol I was gone all day and by the time I returned home and saw them I was SUPER EXCITED but tired. So I stared at them in tired EXCITEDNESS and didn't open them until this morning lol

Here's the thing, I could have sworn I saw scans for these things and I can't find them anywhere! frustrating! I can't even think of the Japanese word for frustrating lol

Either way, if I can't find them in the next hr... scan I am.

this remix is longer than a mofo!

edit 11 minutes later: FUCK IT, I'll just scan them!

edit like, 45 mins later: Scaaaanned. Now I have a image for my Zune XD
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..heheheheheh 8D

I'm having the damnest time with scans. If no one can help, I'll ask at boys_paper. I've sure been asking them a lot.. I have no shame, cuz I completely understand that some can get stuff where I can't. HAHA..haha... :/

∞with 1005 - should have subaru, maru, yasu? second in the series
∞ Orisuta 0531 (5/21)

apparently yoko was in a lot in may.. >__>

   ∞ TVfan July (5/24)
   ∞ TV Japan June (5/15)
   ∞ Gekkan Songs June (5/15)
   ∞ the Television (5/12)
Dates are apparently release dates of the mags.

Hell I'll even try this one!

Hina in Takatsuki Walker 2010 (4/16) <~~~ I KNOW there's no luck for that one lol

I found a lot otherwise. Just these are giving me the stink eye. If anything, just look at the lovely hanikami pair~ *__*


Okay so wtf I missed an onlystar too- I wondered if they appeared that week! they did! date was 100531, Toma was on the cover.. and it was an interview between Hina and Okura (not even that, there's four pages! Bouken Japan <3). Why has it not popped up, I mean yeah it's Hina and when does he ever get any love but it's Okura!! Okura's the ikemen of eito apparently. The link above should show the index from oricon's official site btw.
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This is going to sound like total lunacy but I'm having issues with these pictures, and it happens randomly every now and then on other scans. I save them to my desktop or wherever and when I go to open them, they're squished! Like, thin bands of picture. So squished you can't even tell they're images at all, it's frustrating. I was trying to find where I originally got them since I seemed to have forgotten to tag them but I can't (cuz it's been a while) and so I can't ask the original uploader for new ones.. I must have gotten them from a photobucket, every time this happens, its from a photobucket.

so I uploaded them onto scrapbook, and tried to 'save' them again but they're still squished, even though in scrapbook they pop up just fine. freaking weird. any suggestions?
and just more food for thought, the rest of the big batch this came out of, are completely fine! I don't get it! So weird. *tired*

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Not to be rude but you need permission from someone to post the scans who were done by someone completely different? Really now. Least it's properly credited at the bottom.

I seriously rolled my eyes. Time for a break lol
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I'm missing a few eito orisutas~



and then what is the date for this one?

I'm sure it's possible it could be one of the dates above.

I've tried.. let's see.. looking through google.. annnnd boys_paper and okuraband and somewhat of yokoclub... and tried vvshu... and motomimost and ヽ(○´∀`)人(´∀`○)ノ♪ ... no luck :( I won't be going to nihonmachi anytime soon so I'm kind of screwed. I guess if worse comes to worse, I'll ask at boys_paper. dunno if it'll help though.
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These are all things I've been meaning to post about really lame stuff btw but never got around to. These images below have been on my desktop for weeks if not months! I want to change my desktop now and to do that, need to make it 'clean'.

weirdness behind fake cut )

Please feel free to skip. Really. Night!
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It's so frustrating scanning this damn calendar! lol I've only just now finished half of it- I started with the 'back' side.
Someone's birthday is tomorrow today and I wanted it finished.. I don't think I'll have it finished in time :(

..least half is good? XD Though I saw decent scans in baidu (though no link?). Been having trouble grabbing from rayfile today though, the 20mb>files. :/

Anyhow, back into scan hell.. XDD
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I have not seen Hina's calendar corner for TV Guide anywhere. Does anyone have it? Should be #5 in the series, week 100220-26 I believe. Google isn't my friend right now.
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Where these scans are from?


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