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Just two minutes to watch a lion video (and hear Jeremy Irons!!). Just hit play. Put it on mute if you don't even want to listen to it. Every time it is view on yt, National Geographic will donate 10 cents to lion and big cat conservation in Botswana. Watch it @ Youtube. Every viewing helps!
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lol uhm. They split into groups and work at a job for a day or something to become an badass employee?? This a big Daidaiya Man or should I say, Can!Jani?? lol
No clue. You all know how bad my language skills are!

source: Chunichi


HMV sent me stuffs-

Artist Title Format Release Date  
錦戸亮 ちょんまげぷりん的サムライ男子 -錦戸亮ビジュアルフォトブック- Books 31/07/2010
Cinema★Cinema Cinema★cinema No.25 学研ムック Books 30/06/2010
Kanjani 8 関パニ Vol.1 DVD 28/07/2010
Kanjani 8 関パニ Vol.2 DVD 28/07/2010
Kanjani 8 関パニ Vol.3 DVD 28/07/2010

I copied/pasted XDDD LOVE ME!! ;D
if/when amazon pops up stuff, I'll post that too.


Title Format Release Date  
関パニ Vol.1 DVD 28/07/2010
関パニ Vol.2 DVD 28/07/2010
関パニ Vol.2 DVD 28/07/2010
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buddy Saint posted the video. Just passing it along ♥
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This was freaking cute.
I loooove fleetwood mac. I do not own any of their CDs though /sadface
That's a good idea for Christmas! Amazon list, here I come~

I'm off to make pizza.
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Favorite from Electric Mayhem

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Wish I could embed this funny. I feel so bad for Shota too. He biffed it hard. You know it hurt too! I think it's cute how he held onto Maru afterwards. Shota is kind of 男前 to stand right back up. Though it was probably because he was embarrassed more than anything else.

P.S. Shota running in like a fairy. I never forget twinkle toes XD


What is this from?? Did I like, miss it every time I watched my DVD??? Was this on the single disc not the box set??

..WHAT ARE THEY SAYING?!?? D: They are like, competing against one another for my (I mean our) heart! A confession battle XD
"俺だよな" "俺だよな"
Can't I just have you both?
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reading a translation by enchan and having the phrase 'duck tail' repeated a few times in the same paragraph reminded me of one of my favorite kid cartoons growing up. Duck Tales!!! XD
God bless Youtube, and Retrojunk &hearts


and because this version begs to be seen,


ちょちょちょ ちょっと! ごようじん
あんた だれ? かんじん



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