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okay. so I'm a day or more late but it's my feelings that count, right? :D

it's been a while everyone \D:/
I miss you all \D:/!!

I miss talking with you and sharing dumb pictures and commenting until it warps my layout and





uugh tummy... )

oh, and before I forget- CONGRATULATIONS, ERIKA!! You haz license! <3
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I always feel like a weirdo posting one of these. Which is why I never do because I have this fear that no one will comment. BUT.

Holiday Love Meme, Secret Santa Style!
my thread

might as well face the fear x}

EDIT: it seems the first link has gotten full. Since I'm sure everyone that has wanted to comment already has, I won't be making a new thread. However, I believe I have anon msg open on this post. so if you want but haven't yet, just msg below? :}
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Ell: *munches on a cookie. it is delish*
Ell: OMG Takki could use that as a lyric!
Athu: He already has! Taste me, honey~ Eat me, honey~ XD
Ell: b-but that's honey, this is cookie XD I can't imagine Subaru, even as big of a troll he is, would sing about eating cookie X'D
Athu: ...dlksjfj now I want Subaru to write an epic rock ballad & to announce a month later that it was about a cookie XDDDDD
Ell: snort XDDD and everyone during that month will be like, HE SO HAS A GF! yup. a sweet one xD
Athu: "He has a gf!! NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE INSPIRED HIM SO MUCH D:" "I do! She's a cookie!" "So sweet!" "Exactly 8D /trololol"

Ell: Next fic meme!! I'm asking for Subaru/cookie. Subaru falls so deep in love, he writes a rock ballad for his favorite- choco chip xD
Like, he gets a batch of cookies from Taeko's neighbor best friend & he eats them all so quickly that he has one left- that he falls for.
and can never eat! because then it'd be the end of their ~love~ and Hina finds out about the cookie safely wrapped in Saran Wrap & yells-
like he does. & Baru gives The Stare O__O
"Our love is more than just the tasty Toll House Morsels!" and he writes the song to some awesome rock chords *by yasu*
and it goes on for a month! fangirls everywhere freakout because 'Subaru has a gf OHEMGEE'
but their love affair ends on a sour note- He makes the mistake of leaving it in his bag during rehearsals. Ryo leaving a stash of enoki-
finds the cookie. and eats it. Subaru mourns. He writes a new song- it's a ballad of sweetness lost.
And it'll be called, Not Even a Crumb Remained

wtf why even leave it in the meme. I've just written it.
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I think.. I think it's about time for a new default icon.

I have so many to chose from I dunno what to use!!!

No one really has anything going on right now.
Maybe I should just choose one of my other icons, then find a Maru to replace the gap. I have no Maru icons.. or Kurara!! D: or Yasu come to think of it.. lol I suck! Maybe I have one that has all three in it.

I dunno (>___<) and I still only have credit on nishipurin as anon-san. I feel bad!!

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last night I had a dream where I exited my childhood home and into the backyard where Yara and co. were practicing for PLAYZONE. xD He comes over and we exchange greetings and I'm all well I have to go do this mission of something-I-can't-remember and Yara is all oh.. okay 8D, good to see you and all that mess and then before I walk away he grabs for a hug so it becomes one of those awkward quick hugs but then dude kisses me!! not like, peck or nothing but straight up 'you may die so I'm kissing you senseless' kind of kiss. I was so shocked from this it woke me up LOL
It seriously woke me up XD I remember thinking as it was happening, the kiss, that my bf was going to be so mad! lol I was so shocked that Yara did that, it woke me up. x'DD his first dream appearance too! or at least first time remembering he was in it.

anyhow, just wanted to share XD
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Then wear this Twibbon I worked super hard on for 45mins XD!!

Clicky and get it on your icon or something. Support 24Hour TV 2011 with my yellow box of awesome! ;D

We have over 70 supports right now!

You should support too~ ;D [shameless plug]
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Anyone else have this hugely annoying problem when saving images from PB??

I look at the image on the internet and it looks like this-

then I save it to my desktop/folder/whatever and it looks like this-

both completely normal.

But then when I go to click and look at it's fantasticness, it turns into this nasty..thing!-

>8U!!!!!!! anyone else get this crap!??? It's only with photobucket too!! No other site does this to me. So now, when it's an awesome pic.. I have to prt-sc the image and then Paint the crops together!

This is of course not me hating on people who do use PB. Definitely not grumpy at PB users. People share however they can and I'm grateful. It all just means I need to take a couple more steps to get said image. However, WHY PHOTOBUCKET D: this is just my show of frustration for this site that has gone to crap for me the past couple of years.
I mean I've gone treasure hunting through the catacombs of Google and have found awesome pages but then can't grab them because it's on photobuckeeeeeet.

Does this happen to anyone else??? *headdesk*
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I have just seen Inception. It was awesome. I will own this movie when it comes out on Blu-ray/DVD combo.

It reminded me of a Piers Antony book Faun and Games, which I also liked. I guess I enjoy story lines that dwell deeper inside itself.

Totally buying the Blu-ray/DVD combo.
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It's so frustrating scanning this damn calendar! lol I've only just now finished half of it- I started with the 'back' side.
Someone's birthday is tomorrow today and I wanted it finished.. I don't think I'll have it finished in time :(

..least half is good? XD Though I saw decent scans in baidu (though no link?). Been having trouble grabbing from rayfile today though, the 20mb>files. :/

Anyhow, back into scan hell.. XDD
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It's late and I'm organizing pictures.
And Zuning.
... I've reached an infinite moment.

of being lame.


Jun. 6th, 2009 03:35 pm
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I want to feel her up too D:
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I just spent *checks* over 45 minutes putting 'lyrics' to Ichibyou KISS on WMP. Oh My Gawd. Tough shit man. lol
It felt like I was working with the bare minimum. Then when I finished, I realized that lyrics stayed up there, when I wanted them to disappear. lol I'm finished for the time being. It will be a feat unknown to mankind if I can do my entire Puzzle album like this.

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I don't even know so don't ask.



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