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and you know it's true because I actually have a tag with 'july' lol it started off right too.

On the first, I received snail mail from halfway across the globe!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It's the Yara picture <333333 I seriously squee'd for a good hour. I'd place it into the envelope, then moments later take it back out, read the note again, hold the photo, lift the note to look at photo, hold some more, smiles :D!, take off note then stare longer 8DDDDD, put note back on, slide photo out of cute plastic holder thingie that is cute, grin 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, swear to myself because crap now I have a print at the top of the photo, *wipe wipe*, satisfied the offensive oils are gone I place it back into cute holder, then place it back into envelope.

Rinse and repeat.

Thank you so much for the mail ♥ I can never say thank you enough :}

not only that tomorrow is the fourth and I'll be hanging out all day getting sunburned and sipping on Capris Suns like a boss. then!! there's TORE! show and some other cool stuff that is not coming to mind... possible announcement of ending theme for Eito+Zenkai Girl(which I keep spelling as Genkai...), and my birthday!!! and another anniversary.. then July leads into August which is HOMG 24HRTV!!! \:D/ please tell me someone(s) will be recording D: and where are the promos, TV!!! it's like a little over a month away! I get they're not huge names & that it's following in the wake of a huge disaster that is still going on... Now that I've said it I can't be mad because really how can I be selfish about it? The earthquake and aftermath is always in the back of my mind. .____.)♥

oh, ryo drama poster sightings with ED=eito? ehhhh~ ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE!!! it's a big deal for Eito to get it XDDD!!!


Mar. 10th, 2011 12:36 pm
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Got my calendar.

spoiler-like bad photos )

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Someone sent me a package XD

with goodies inside!!

Pics below )
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Every year I am the head tree-put'r-up'r. Did it today~ Grandma helped. I almost was killed by a nasty looking spider though when putting away all the decoration boxes lol But know that I am alive and well! and that my family found a good laugh at my expense.

A couple more pics!

I need an xmas icon.
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He is sooo short!!

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Who is this mighty beast?

sort of image/spoiler heavy? )
Looking forward to the rest of the story~
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I can't say if all of you know how I like the Kansai Jrs. known as Veteran. Well I do, and they did a four episode drama, as part of a series Dramatic-J, called Vacation. The main character was Ito Masashi of Veteran, with the other three as support characters. Yes there are more than four members in Veteran (there's like, 6) but for the sake of this post, there are only four. Either way, I enjoyed it.

Also, I happen to be quite taken with the one called Ito Masashi.

This is a post about the offshots of the drama from the Dramatic-J DVD. There will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary behind the cut. Yes, there will be spazzing, caps, and weird side commentary.


You have been warned. Twice.

Making of! )

It's breezy, in the town with no Ito's )
This has become a post about my favorite. oops? ;D

there are others! *looks through caps*
ah! )

lol Well, I'll fit him here with the cute reminiscing group shots.


Thanks for reading through my post! if you got this far LOL.


Sep. 4th, 2009 12:13 pm
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ahhh Subaru. Your poster.

His shoulders look so broad..f*** me *dies*
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Went to my local kino yesterday. Was a bust. Didn't have the two mags I was looking for :(
I did however buy tv station and look at star that has an interview with yasu and kazapon for kagotsurube-whatevers. Then Today I got my two cds I've been waiting for. fun fun times.

God let me have the money for the DVD *prays*
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*almost chokes I'm so excited* )
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SPOILERS that concern the calendar )


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